MauPool - ZCL-ZEC & more coming soon


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Sep 3, 2018
Mining pool for
► Zcash, Zclassic & MORE COMING SOON ◄

MauPool Mining Pool

WebSite :
Contact :
Facebook :
Console :

► Pool details :

• Jackpot system
• Minimum payout 0.01 of mined currency
• 1% Fee
• PPLNT payments
• No account or login
• Real-time Shares display on your miner page
• Clean and modern interface in browser even on mobile
• Enterprise grade powerful and reliable servers and active tech support
• Active development with a long list of features on our roadmap


Go to
Download the mining program for your device.
UnZIP the files on your local C:\
Enter in folder named : Claymores AMD / EWBF's Nvidia / NheqMiner CPU / Optminer AMD

ZCash : port 3032
ZClassic : port 3033

For Windows : Left click the .bat file then click EDIT and change "WALLET.USER" with this form
<your wallet>.<your display username>
(the dot is required)
(For NHEQ miner EDIT -T X with how much your Threads you want)

ZCash : port 3032
ZClassic : port 3033

For Linux : Open Terminal, go in the folder and for

Claymores AMD use : zecminer64 -zpool -zwal Wallet.Name -zpsw x

EWBF's Nvidia use : miner --server --user wallet.user --pass x --port 3032/3033

NheqMiner CPU use : nheq -l -u wallet.user -p x -t X


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Sep 3, 2018

Jackpot Rules

Anybody can participate, doesn`t matter how much Sol/s you have but the condition is to have at least 15 days of mining on our pool.

ZEC Coin
1st - 2 ZEC in your wallet
2nd - 1 ZEC in your wallet
3rd - 0.5 ZEC in your wallet

ZCL Coin
1st - 2 ZCL in your wallet
2nd - 1 ZCL in your wallet
3rd - 0.5 ZCL in your wallet

All the wallets will putted in Excel and it will be used the site named for the extraction.
Because is the first Jackpot it will be after 60 days and after that it will be at 30 days.
Stay tuned ,