Masterblocks - Scaling blockchain by summarizing balances


Jan 20, 2018
Scaling of the chain? That's something new of course. Because of this there'll be a lot less loss, if you think about it. Although that's in theory for now. Is this technology in realisation already?
Mar 16, 2016
It's a worthy idea. One way to implement would be to allow a miner to create a masterblock if some proof of work can be demonstrated ~ 10,000 times stronger than the current difficulty, at which point the miner sends out a masterblock which is effectively a new genesis block containing ALL utxos. You don't want to remove dust as this could have valuable information. You do want to remove empty and spent TXs. You will gain a lot of space with this but there are some issues with transmission of the masterblock and complications. One trouble is in proving that you have a legit masterblock and chain reset, when the last chain isn't present i.e. for new nodes.