Market Analysis of Top 4 Cryptocurrencies

Pradeep kumar

New Member
Oct 15, 2019

BTC:bitcoin: failed to break above the crucial support zone $8050-$8150. It tested the given region and fell back down to current trading price of $7961, showing the trend is still in hands of the bears.
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ETH dropped from $180.9 which is also the 200 EMA on 17th October and broke below the moving averages, indicating a bearish sign.
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XRP made a clean and precise rocket move up to $0.30 from the retest zone of $0.28 on October 17th.
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LTC is retesting the support zone of 53.80. If it continues in this uptrend then we can see LTC going to
55.12. However, failure to break above the EMA 26 would bring LTC as low to $51.26-$50.
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