Looking for help to create a new altcoin with proof-of-ownership

Hi! I'm started an online magazine of cryptocurrencies in spanish and also want to create an altcoin with proof-of-ownership protocol, based on the co-ownership of lands of nature (to protect and share). I try first to do it with Ethereum wallet, but stay 4 days downloading the blockchain and never finished... Then I find NXT, but people says is not safe platform because of java language... Someone can help me with this? I haven't budget to pay right now for your services, but I can include you in the founders group and pay with some of the new alcoins. My project wants to protect lands and create permacultural communities reconnected with nature and living in peace around the world, all connected with the blockchain technology.
Thanks in advance! I don't put my website so that they do not tell me that I'm spamming.
The name of the magazine is: MONEDA DIGITAL MAGAZINE. Namaste
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