Lets make some progress forward! We have started a marketing fund to expand Bitcoin Cash adoption.


Aug 17, 2016
We, the community over in the Bitcoin Cash slack, have started a discussion about marketing Bitcoin Cash to push adoption. After years of infighting, the debate has finally been concluded. We now have Bitcoin Cash that follows Satoshi vision for Bitcoin. We have built an incredible and positive community and it is growing.

Lets use the energy we have now to jumpstart adoption of Bitcoin Cash. There is lots we can do to achieve this. The first idea we have had is to create a simple Bitcoin Cash animated advert to show people what Bitcoin Cash is. This will cost about $220 and will then cost an additional $100 per extra voiceover language we add to it. Any additional funds will be used for further marketing, as to be decided by the community.

We have a funding address which is:

100% of funding is going to go towards marketing Bitcoin Cash. We have lots of ideas on what else this fund could be used for. For example, flyers, faucets, websites etc.

I will personally be donating every BCH I have received from the Tippr bot on reddit ($450), and any tips I received on this post, to this fund, because I want to put it back into the community in the most effective way possible (adoption). Any tips I receive from now on will be going towards this fund, so everyone is welcome to donate via Tippr.

Anyone who donates $10 or more will get a credit in the video credits.

Please join us on the Bitcoin Cash slack (or here) to discuss how we can market Bitcoin Cash. The slack is not public so if you want to join you will need to DM me with an email address you want to sign up with (it is private to stop bots).

Currently I am the one who controls the funding address, so there is some amount of trust in me involved. Hopefully people who know me can vouch for the fact I have been a part of the bitcoin community for a while (since 2011 in fact). My identity is known publicly. I value my reputation far more than money, and all I want is to make a difference in the world, hopefully through Bitcoin Cash.

If this initiative grows bigger then I will work creating a more formal structure so that there are checks and balances and voting etc.
Lets move Bitcoin Cash forward.

PM me if you want to join the Bitcoin Cash slack.


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Mar 14, 2016
These actions have resulted in huge influx of new members to the btcchat slack. The enthusiasm is infectious and already great work is being produced. Nurturing and culturing these seeds will yield tremendous benefits. Here we go!