Latest Ethereum 2.0 Update. February 2020


Jul 2, 2019
Following Muir Glacier, it feels like we all need a bit of an update on Ethereum 2.0. Luckily the folks at the Ethereum blog have bestowed us with a development update on Serenity, so we can all hopefully get a handle on everything that’s going on.

Here’s what was covered in the blog post:

Comprehensive Phase 0 audit to be conducted by Least Authority

An eth2 spec audit is set to be conducted by Least Authority. The audit will focus on eth2 core phase 0 specifications, and specifically on critical items like Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, resource misuse attacks that could potentially result in unintended forks or adversarial chains, network related attacks, any attacks that impact funds, etc. Least Authority is an expert in the field of mechanism, incentive design, decentralized systems, and the analysis of blockchains. They’re the ideal candidate to conduct this kind of security audit on Ethereum 2.0.

Lighthouse launches testnet with mainnet configuration

Sigma Prime recently launched their public Lighthouse testnet, which was able to successfully run the mainnet spec configuration, and handled a massive 16,815 active validators.

Sigma Prime stated, “we’re going to start trying to crash this testnet and I suspect we’ll be successful,” and boy were they successful. After recovering from the non-finality of 100+ epochs, they began to take down the network to sort out some of the bugs, and restart fresh.

Nimbus integrates native nim-libp2p

In 2019, the Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs, and Status co-funded a grant for Nimbus, which would allow them to create a native Nim language implementation of libp2p. This would be integrated on the Nimbus Ethereum 2.0 client, and would become a P2P option for resource restricted devices.

Nimbus has just integrated this implementation into their codebase. This is an enormous achievement, that has huge implications for the P2P community at large. adds support for Lighthouse

Bitfly’s open source Ethereum 2.0 block explorer recently added support for Lighthouse. You can check it out here. Multiple client implementations are in the process of being onboarded, and things are starting to get pretty exciting.

Eth2 spec release schedule

Finally, Ethereum released a new Eth2 spec release schedule, which has a testing fix and network update in the queue. These are part of a series of minor updates, that focus primarily on ensuring the Phase 0 Beacon Chain can accommodate the new Phase 1 sharding design.

When will we see Ethereum 2.0

Now that we’ve seen an update on Ethereum 2.0, when can we expect it’s implementation? Currently there’s no set date for the release of Ethereum 2.0, although most analysts suspect that it will be sometime this year. Ethereum’s continuous development model means that the blockchain will be prepared for the update, as previous upgrades have been working towards Serenity for years. Ethereum 2.0 will solve the issue of scalability - switching Ethereum over to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm will increase scalability, and lower costs on the network.

If you’re looking to buy ETH before the upgrade, you should check out all major exchanges as well as marketplaces like Vertex.Market. Buying on this marketplace allows you to buy via P2P from other traders (in the spirit of Ethereum), as well as launch your own offerings. No KYC required.

Ethereum 2.0 is coming

An update on Ethereum 2.0 is something of a god-send at this point. Any news is good news right now, given that we’re still not totally sure when the update will be. Still, Ethereum 2.0 is certainly coming, and it’s not going to be long now. As the network prepares itself for this monumental change, we’ll see exactly how beneficial the switch will be for the Ethereum community as a whole. One thing’s certain: it’s going to be an exciting year.