Latest BU Release for Bitcoin Cash: BUCash-


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Aug 22, 2015
Latest BU Release for Bitcoin Cash: BUCash-

Download the latest release of Bitcoin Unlimited (, Oct 10, 2019) from:

This is a major release of Bitcoin Unlimited compatible with the upcoming protocol upgrade of the Bitcoin Cash network. You can find November 15th, 2019 upgrade specifications here:
This is list of the main changes that have been merged in this release:
  • Mempool synchronization via Graphene primitives

  • Intelligent unconfirmed transaction forwarding

  • Child-Pay-For-Parent implementation based on Ancestor Grouped Transactions (AGT)

  • Graphene ver 2.1 and IBLT specifications

  • New dead-lock detection mechanism

  • New getblockstats rpc call

  • ElectrsCash v1.0 (release notes)

  • QA improvements

  • Schnorr multisignature (Nov 15th' 2019 upgrade)

  • Enforce minimal data push at the consensus layer (Nov 15th' 2019 upgrade).

  • Transaction index database improvements (*)

  • Add transaction rate trend graph in Qt debug dialog
Release notes:

Bitcoin Unlimited is now available on Docker Hub

This release is compatible the Bitcoin Cash protocol. To update already installed packages:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

To install

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin-unlimited/bucash
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install bitcoind bitcoin-qt

Starting from this update the repository is serving also ElectrsCash(*) v.1.0, for now just for the amd64 architecture. To install it just execute this command:

sudo apt install electrscash

See the official announcement and the release notes for more details:

(*) ElectrsCash is an efficient re-implementation of Electrum Server written in Rust

Credit to @sickpig for the summary and Zquestz for the docker update.