Latest BU Release for Bitcoin Cash: BUCash-


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Aug 22, 2015
Latest BU Release for Bitcoin Cash: BUCash-

Download the latest release of Bitcoin Unlimited (, July 19th, 2019) from:

This is a bug fix and general updates release candidate of the Bitcoin Unlimited full node client compatible with the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Main changes that have been merged in this release:
  • Improve Graphene decode rates by padding IBLT
  • QA improvements
  • remove dead lock in cpu miner
  • Fix BIP37 processing for non-topologically ordered blocks
  • Documentation improvements
  • Fix all stats rpc APIs making them thread safe
  • Bump electrs to 0.7
  • Add CDV to the set of standard flag
  • SV protocol features have been removed
  • Update Windows build script
BSV compatibility remains in the and versions.

Release notes:

Bitcoin Unlimited is now available on Docker Hub

Ubuntu PPA repository is currently being updated to serve for BUcash

Credit to @sickpig for the summary and Zquestz for the docker update.