LATEST BU Release for Bitcoin Cash: BUCash-


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Aug 22, 2015

Download the latest Bitcoin Cash compatible release of Bitcoin Unlimited (, 24 April 2019) from:

Release notes for

This release is compatible with the May, 15th 2019 BCH protocol upgrade.
It improves Graphene block propagation technique greatly and also implelemt Compact Blocks (BIP 152).
This is list of the main changes that have been merged in this release:
  • Segwit P2SH recovery
  • Schnorr signatures
  • Compact Block implementations
  • Basic integration with the electrum server electrs (experimental, off by default), see this doc for more info
  • Graphene: do not send txns oders by leveraging CTOR
  • Graphene: Fast Filter instead of Bloom Filter (optional)
  • Graphene: seeding of IBLT hash function
  • Graphene: use cheap hashes to avoid short id tx collision
  • Graphene: reduce decode failure to 0.5% via IBLT padding
  • Graphene: O(1) heuristic to determine IBLT / BF size for block over 600 txns
  • RPC enhancements and new commands (getrawblocktransactions, getrawtransactionssince and gettxoutproofs)
  • QA reliability improvemennts
  • Easier gitian build process (docker based)
  • Code restructure around the 3 block propagation techs we currently support (Graphene, CB, Xthin)
  • Move to C++14 and bump lib boost minimum ver to match
  • Update Windows build scripts
  • Simplify and update Xpedited code
  • Refactor Script interpreter as a "virtual machine" encapsulated by a class. This allows the script interpreter to be used outside of bitcoind (for example, its ability to "step" allows use in a script debugger).
  • Implement Xversion changeable key
  • Documentation improvements


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Jan 19, 2016
I'm running BUCash on Win7 64-bit. I'm running into some issue on shutdown. When I close the bitcoin-qt.exe client it's stuck on the 'shutting down... do not turn off computer' dialog indefinitely.

Is anyone else getting this problem?