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Jul 22, 2018
Good day! ;)
I want to present to your attention the service developed by me for the accelerated download of the blockchain of various wallets. Initially, I did everything for my own needs, but over time it was decided to cut and roll out publicly, because according to the reviews, the thing was quite convenient and necessary.

The service is called Krypto-wallet and is available at
Service features:
• Distribution 24/7 with port 1тБайт/s
* Also, at your request, I can add the coins you need
Already there are more than 40 coins!
The most popular you can find below:

The main task of the service is the ability to easily download blockchain wallets with minimal time spent on it. At the moment, the bitcoin blockchain network takes > 180gb to synchronize it with the network, you can spend from 1-7 DAYS of your time. My service saves a lot of time.
I will be glad to any feedback, wishes, etc., do not be indifferent!
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