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Oct 30, 2016
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Карбованець (Karbo or KRBCoin) - Ukrainian Karbowanec

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Anonymous digital cash for Ukraine

This is Cryptonote fork with some borrows from Forknote and DigitalNote.

The karbovanets (Ukrainian: карбованець, karbovanets, plural: карбованці, karbovantsi), has been a distinct unit of currency in Ukraine during three separate periods in its history. I decided to resurrect it back to life as digital cryptocurrency seeing rise of multiple national cryptocurrencies. I believe it has its right to exist and potential. There is a lot of crypto enthusiasts in Ukraine scattered on different forums and I hope some of them will support this project. I think there is demand in Ukraine for decentralized services which corrupted and ineffective government can't control, and I hope Karbowanec will find its niche in Ukraine.

The etymology of the name "karbovanets" is by one supposition originated in Ukraine from the ancient primitive way to carve numbers of calculations on a rod. The name even has same stem as english 'carve' thus we carve coins not mine them

Why Cryptonote? Because Cryptonote technology provides fungibility and privacy - most important features of money, it has robust tested tech, verified cryptography and it is easy to start

If someone wish to participate in development and improvement please don't hesitate to contact.

Binaries will be available in one hour. To allow people prepare.

Ticker: KRB
Symbol: Ҝ - Ka with vertical stroke, it is a letter of the Cyrillic script. Its form is derived from the Cyrillic letter Ka (К к) by the addition of a stroke through the short horizontal bar in the centre of the letter.

0% Pre-mine
Mining algorithm: POW, CryptoNight
Max supply: 10 million KRB
Block reward: initial reward of ~38 KRB, slight decrease every block
Block target time: 4 minutes
Difficulty: Retargets at every block
Decimal Points: 12
Low transaction fee: 0.0001 KRB
P2P Port: 32347
Rpc Port: 32348

We hope low transaction fee only 0.0001 KRB will encourage usage and micropayments, especially when value of Karbovanec will grow, blockchain bloat shoudn't be a problem since we have increased block time to 4 minutes.



CLI wallets with solo mining:

Karbowanec CLI Windows 32-bit
Karbowanec CLI Windows 64-bit

Karbowanec CLI Linux 32-bit
Karbowanec CLI Linux 64-bit

Karbowanec CLI Mac OS X

BETA GUI wallets with pool mining:

Karbowanec GUI Wallet Windows 32-bit v. 1.0.1
Karbowanec GUI Wallet Windows 64-bit v. 1.0.1

Karbowanec GUI Wallet Linux 32-bit v. 1.0.1
Karbowanec GUI Wallet Linux 64-bit v. 1.0.1

Karbowanec GUI Wallet Mac OS X v. 1.0.1

For Windows users updating to GUI to 0.2.7 and CLI to 1.2.4 - default data location is moved back to it's usual place at C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\karbowanec\
Before update copy your files from C:\ProgramData\karbowanec to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\karbowanec\ to save your wallet and not to sync from scratch.

Default language is Ukrainian, if you want English just rename or delete languages folder. This is beta version of GUI wallets. We recommend to use CLI wallets for sending larger amounts.

Alternatively it is possible to use Forknote binaries with corresponding config file https://github.com/forknote/forknote/re ... tag/1.0.11
You should add to karbowanec.conf this line

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Solo mining

How to solo mine with the CLI release
1. Download CLI release from
2. Extract the release to any folder or directory
3. Run the daemon, karbowanecd. Then start simplewallet and open or create a wallet. You can open it later in GUI.
4. In simplewallet, type "start_mining x", x being the number of CPU cores you wish to mine with.
5. Check your hash rate by typing "show_hr" in karbowanecd. Hide it by typing "hide_hr".

Alternatively you can run the daemon, karbowanecd with these flags: --start-mining YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --mining-threads 3 - much more easy


Democats pool

Miners and config examples are at Pool Getting started page. They are the same as with any other Cryptonote coin. Except Claymore's miners.
You can use Minergate GUI miner - just add custom pool in "Other Pools" tab.

Pool mining is working
Pool is up and running in API mode as block explorer. I will open pool for mining later. Let's begin with solo mining.


Karbowanec(KRB) now live on Cryptopia


Welcome to the family


Vote for Karbo at C-CEX

Important! When sending to exchange make sure to include Payment ID. Failing to do so may result im loss of your funds.

Russian thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1513025.0

Donate to the Karbowanec Project: Kdev1L9V5ow3cdKNqDpLcFFxZCqu5W2GE9xMKewsB2pUXWxcXvJaUWHcSrHuZw91eYfQFzRtGfTemReSSMN4kE445i6Etb3
: 1444y5HpV7UDKxYeDuB7MjEABgvhWWWd9B

Donations will go towards infrastructure maintenance and development.