Just-Mining: New way for mining ?


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Apr 13, 2017
Hello everyone,

In April 5th, a small French company announced its project "Just-Mining".

The project is rather simple:

Initially, they’re going to sell GPU mining machines (1 to 4 GPU per machine) to mine ethers, Zcash and other future crypto-currencies of the market (Only GPU). These machines are equipped with an intuitive software which allows you to quickly mine without all the complex configurations and you can choose the currency that you receive in payouts (ethers, Zcash, bitcoin or even $/€).

Just-Mining doesn’t stop here! This company also plans to deeply change the concept of Cloud-Mining on the Internet. It offers prices significantly lower than its global competitors thanks to its supplier Tresorio (another company located in France). Moreover, it innovates with a “reversible” contract, this contract among other advantages, allows you to change the currency that the machine (and cloud-mining contracts) mine. Let’s say you mine Ethereum, and later Zcash becomes more profitable to mine, you can instantly switch to start mining Zcash. Contracts are therefore more secure than contracts blocked on a single currency (such as those that currently exist).

For the company’s early stages, Just-Mining launched a “pre-order” period. The advantage of pre-orders includes reduced prices, even though there’s a delay before receiving them. Just-Mining's goal was to raise €35 000 in 1 month to start its business.
And in less than 5 days: Just-Mining has already gained more than €50 000!

The founder of this platform, Owen Simonin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/owen-simonin-5aaa23108/), offered to help them promote their innovative solutions in English and Russian.

You can get more information or even pre-order on their official website:


(Just-mining will include international delivery)

If you have any questions, you can ask them here: we will answer you on this thread.

You can also contact him directly 24/24h (English or French):

TEL FR: +336 16 63 57 70
Whatsapp: +336 16 63 57 70
E-mail: Owen.simonin@just-mining.com

The company also communicates on its position, its registered office and its legal notices.

We will respond to you in the best times.

Thank you.