JTeam Champion J Club — Beyond the Boundaries of BAYC


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Mar 8, 2022
1. About Champion J Club NFT
The total supply of Champion J Club NFT is 1,000 issued by the JTeam e-sports team based in Taipei, founded by Pop King Jay Chou. The NFT format is ERC721, minted on Ethereum, the public sale of which will be on Opensea and its official website www.jfans.space.

2. Jfans Space: JTeam’s starting point for the global rebranding of e-sports, trendy goods, and cryptocurrency
A few figures first: At present, the global e-sports population has reached 1.889 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.61%. The total market value of the NFT field is as high as US$27.9 billion. It is expected that the global cryptocurrency population will reach one billion in the next three years. According to the Nielsen E-sports Fan Observation Report, the survey results of fan groups in different countries showed that more than 70% of e-sports fans are in the 18–34 years old age range, which is exactly in line with the target group of the cryptocurrency and fashion circles especially Gen Z of which about one-third of e-sports players have also been exposed to encryption and NFTs. Therefore, the Champion J Club NFT and the fan medals can well reshape the JTeam brand and global influence.

3. The benefits of Champion J Club NFT
1. Holders of each Champion J Club NFT can receive 1,000 JTeam fan medals for free, and the fan medal will also have various JTeam fan benefits including VIP tickets, co-branded street cards, and star autographs, etc. A total of 10 million fan medals will be issued on OKEX and Polygon in ERC1155 format. For this batch, one million will be given away. Therefore, based on the superposition of huge e-sports fans and cryptocurrency participants, the fan medals also have huge value and room for growth. These 1,000 fan medals can be collected, transferred, or sold separately.

2. If the NFT is obtained from pre-sale and public sale, each NFT + 1000 fan medals can also receive 3D printed slippers by Musk’s SpaceX manufacturer. If the NFT is obtained through the NFT market, 1100 fan medals are required to exchange for the trendy slippers. The branded slippers are limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, and each one is unique. After delivery, the fan medal will be returned to the locked pool, and the NFT will be retained but the right to pick up the goods will cease.

3. Champion J Club NFT will create the world’s first e-sports, sports and entertainment circle social network. Just like the Boring Ape Yacht Club, the sense of identity in the circle and the gathering of high-end contacts are the real embodiment of value. It is not surprising that any high-end club has an annual fee of 100,000 or one million dollars. What’s more, the Champion J Club will be a lifetime member. In fact, the logic of the Boring Ape also uses this logic.

4. Why does Champion J Club have the potential to surpass the boring ape BAYC?
In fact, the reason is very simple. Champion J Club is at the intersection of e-sports and cryptocurrency. It has a huge demographic dividend with the addition of top capital. The current mainstream social mode of Generation Z is game social networking. The durability of brand IP is measured in generations. So, look forward to Champion J Club!

More details about Champion J Club:

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4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/jfans_space