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Nov 5, 2019
Along the top events of 2020 – Tokyo Summer Olympics, Euro Football tournament and ICC World T20 Cricket tournament, Wunderbit Trading is launching its bot trading service in January 2020. The service is connecting the TradingView platform with Wunderbit trading features and this combination allows you to create, backtest, and execute trading bots on top crypto exchanges – Binance and Kraken.

How it Works

TradingView provides its customers with tools that allow to create fully customisable strategies. On top of that, these strategies could be backtested on historical data that is available and users can clearly see the performance of the strategy. It is also possible to create alert notifications for the strategy (i.e.: when the strategy is opening or closing).

However, TradingView does not support trading through their platform and this is where Wunderbit trading comes in. Wunderbit trading is a platform that is built on top of the exchanges and facilitate trading on them through API. Customers can predefine their strategies which will be automatically executed when the criteria are met.

With introduction of Bot Trading at Wunderbit Trading platform, you can use your TradingView alerts as triggers for your strategies, which will be automatically executed. Thus, as a trader, you can create any strategy that you want, backtest it and launch into action without limitations and it will be working 24/7.