Jan 15th Election Voting


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Aug 28, 2015
Hi all,

On january 15th, I will open an individual thread for voting on any contested position, and open voting on an uncontested position by posting a reply to the thread saying "Voting starts now". I will temporarily unsticky all other BUIPs so we see the voting threads on top.

Please do not vote until I officially open it. Please only vote once per thread, by replying to the thread. Voting will be open for a few days because I am on vacation, so don't worry if you can't vote within the 24 hour period (but do get your vote in soon). And if something unforeseen happens & I lose internet here and the vote doesn't happen on the 15th, don't panic it will happen as soon as I get back online.

For contested positions, please read the voting instructions carefully, as you may be asked to essentially make a 2 stage vote. For example, "Who do you prefer, and if the other guy has more votes, do you vote for him, against him, or abstain. A simple majority of votes does not win, a BUIP must actually pass. **So it is possible that no one will be voted into a position.**

In that case, I will end up de-facto in that role and will call for a new election (essentially voluntarily withdraw from the position) after a few more months have passed.
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