Is Bitcoin in a gridlock?


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Aug 28, 2015
Wow someone is feeling vulnerable!
Big ego there.

It's not about GMaxwell pet development project it's about keeping Bitcoin The Value Exchange Protocol stable. Not Bitcoin Core.

I wish he'd come over here correct my misunderstanding - apparently my ideas amone others are so dangerous they need to be censored because the likes of GMaxwell and his shills don't seem capable of debating them.

Zangelbert Bingledack

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Aug 29, 2015
Cargo cult status? The gridlock is of course a matter of semantics, so it could be interpreted in various ways depending on whether one sees a blocksize cap increase as urgent or not. If, as Gregory Maxwell thinks, it is not yet urgent, then Core's lack of action on the matter cannot be seen as a gridlock. If, as many of us think, it is already urgent, Core's lack of action will be seen as gridlock.

The idea that Alex B believes those who think blocksize is an urgent matter to be insane just shows he has not understood the arguments of the larger block side of the debate. As I just showed, the idea of gridlock is a basic consequence of perspective. If he hasn't even understood that, his usage of such a term of opprobrium merely serves to indicate he has spent very little time considering opposing arguments. (Though it would be the same to call Core a cargo cult for saying there is no gridlock. There being no gridlock is a necessary consequence of their position that the change is not urgent.)

Thus, " is a cargo cult" is just a fancy way of repeating the position that the blocksize increase is not urgent. Many small blockers seem endlessly amused by finding different ways to say essentially, "Nah-ah, you're wrong."


Sep 17, 2015
It's implying that people who post here are waiting for something, which never happens. (a blocksize limit increase). Though I think that most of us are here to decentralize control over Bitcoin related discussion or simply to have a freedom of expression.

PS. To be fair (to cargo cultists), I think that most religions wait for improbable to happen. Is it sane to perform rituals and expect some guy who allegedly died 2000 years ago to descent from heavens? I don't know, but you'll be far more likely to see an airplane descending. (even in Papua New Guinea)
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