iRocket AR app is geo-based P2E game


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Apr 1, 2022
Welcome to the iRocket AR Metaverse!
iRocket AR ( is geo-based mobile game with play-to earn system that allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fee.

The game is powered by Polygon protocol and a framework. Players will be able to take advantage of Polygon’s extremely low fees and transaction speed while also benefiting from Ethereum’s network effects.

About game:
Players are space astronauts who search, capture, collect, train, evolve, and battle Arties creatures.
GPS is used to match the player’s real world location with the virtual world. When Artie appear in the virtual world, augmented reality (AR) is used to overlay the creature on the real-world viewed through a mobile camera. The player’s goal is to capture the Artie by using special ability. In game items can be collected from completing adventures. New Arties can be found by exploring different planets and joining co-op raids.

Features of the game:
  • Lands: the plot in real world is divided in rectangle boxes which can be bought and used afterwards.
  • Events/Buildings: the game will have well-developed city models instead of “flat view”. The game will have live events and a system that enables to put headquarter building of other projects, which players can visit.
  • Tournaments/Esports: every season the game hosts tournaments where a % of in-game burning fees will go to tournaments fund the best performing clans will take the prize and will be granted special medallion.
  • Leaderboard: players will be able to get specific iRocket medals. There're 5 tiers within each medal, with tier 5 being the highest. As a player gets more or less wins during each day, he/she win/lose a tier rank.
Play and Earn at the same time:
The players in the iRocket augmented reality world are empowered by blockchain technology and NFTs. Virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity are developing segments in the worldwide game market:
1. IRO Staking is the iRocket ecosystem's default money. Players receive newly created IRO if they lock up their tokens in the game and actively participate in the game by voting and playing regularly.
2. DUST is in-game coin. Required to find new creatures and participate in the game adventures events and battles.
3. NFT-Crypto. Buy and sell NFTs creatures, items, planets in the iRocket Marketplace: stocking digital goods and paraphernalia backed by the Polkadot.
4. Marketplace is an asset trading environment to buy assets or to sell them to other players. Earn money through collecting resources, items, and Arties in the game.