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Nov 7, 2017
Invia World is an Austrian company aiming to give everyone the chance to participate in this growing market.

Invia World Active Managed Mining

Why is Invia World different from classic Cloud Minig providers? Here the company has called its concept "Active Managed Mining".

You do not have to decide for yourself which cryptocurrency is to be mined, this decides the company and thus spares the most lucrative coin.

You receive your payment in Ethereum or Bitcoin currency. The company lets a software play in the background, this software decides within 1 minute which coin is lucrative and turns around.

INVIA World GmbH

There is a very interesting newcomer in the cryptocurrency mining sector. Because the company INVIA World GmbH with licenses in Austria sets out to revolutionize the mining market with new software.

This unique piece of software serves as a hardware control, aligning it with the "most profitable" crypto currency available at any given time. The minted Coin is then converted to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Thanks to this software, it is possible to produce more coins overall.

What is cryptomining?

Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer networks, which means that anyone using cryptocurrency is a small part of the project. Where do new coins come from? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. do not use a single institution to create their coins. This is where the miner comes into play. A miner uses software to solve a math problem from the blockchain and is rewarded with a certain amount of coins.

This not only creates an intelligent way to distribute the currency, but also an incentive to encourage people to mine for themselves. As Miner Coin transactions need to be approved, more miners mean a more stable and larger network.

Most cryptocurrency networks automatically change the difficulty of the math problem, depending on how fast they are solved. As the popularity of cryptomining increases, more miners join the network, making it harder for individuals to solve the math problems. To overcome this hurdle, mining pools were developed to work together. Miner pools find solutions faster than individual members, and each member is rewarded in proportion to the work he or she employs.

Mining is an important and integral part of a cryptocurrency that ensures fairness while securing the network. You could have heard of hash or SHA-256. But what does that actually mean? In order to decide which set of II transactions to enter in the blockchain, there will be a kind of competition between miners. They all get a puzzle to solve. The answer has to be guessed.

In order to get a reward and put the block in the blockchain, the miner receives a combination lock. The miner has to guess until he finds the right combination. The computing power is called the hash rate, which is the number of combinations that can be guessed per second. The more computing power one has, the more "right combinations" can be found per second.

How to make money with INVIA World GmbH

INVIA World GmbH offers its software in various package options. These differ only in the hashing power. So there is already a hashing power of 3 MH / s in the entry-level package for 100 euros. With a starter package for 600 euros, it is already 19 MH / s.

For all packages offers a 24/7 support and a permanent insight into your computing power. Each package includes mining for a total of 36 months. It is distributed daily, 7 days a week.

Paying out

Of course, the payout plays an important role. INVIA World has set a processing time of 14 days. I have tested this statement of INVIA World for you. By ADV Cash I have applied for my first payout of 833 euros on 23.10.2017. Within 1 hour, the sum was credited. The following payout methods are available: ADV Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The first practical experiences with the newcomer in the mining industry INVIA World GmbH are extremely positive. Already at the website of INVIA World GmbH one quickly gets the impression to be part of a futuristic large-scale project. The color selection and the pictures on the website are successful and consistent. In addition, the site can be accessed in seven different languages (German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian and Russian), which of course is due to the internationally oriented customer base.

The tab FAQs is especially positive. Not only the company and its objectives are presented here, but almost all questions that arise are explained in a short but understandable way. The questions and answers cover most areas of mining. Beginners will be offered a useful introduction to the course with questions such as:

What are cryptocurrencies and what is cryptomining?

Which hardware does INVIA World GmbH use?

Where is the hardware?

How long do you mince?

Here you will find the corresponding information about the process and the payment options. The terms and conditions and the imprint are well visible. The only downer is the empty news page. However, the INVIA World GmbH is forgiven because of the young age.

Especially convincing are the transparency and the organization of the company. Customer service is not only promoted with 24/7 support, but is accessible and helpful at all times. His purchased computing power, which may be any different, can be tracked at any time via live insight. What has changed the software, the computing power always navigated to the most current lucrative crypto currencies, paid right after the first few months.

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Mining packages available at

If you have any questions, I am happy to help and I am very grateful for every supplement


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Nov 7, 2017
Start with €100,-

Bitcoin, Ethereum,

Daily payments

100% Safe

Partner plans 8 levels

Invia World is not bound by financial supervisors


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Nov 7, 2017
INVIA WORLD Crypto Mining is designed for longevity and competitiveness. The company offers a great opportunity for networkers and pure investors. The new software always mixes the most profitable coin. The break even point should be reached in about 10 to 12 months (10% average per month). The company relies on a high degree of transparency. It is officially registered in Austria. Also the affiliate program (Unilevelplan) is officially registered. All this ensures trust and has thus 100% convinced us. The website is available in German as well as in 6 other languages. The 24/7 Premium Support is always available for questions or problems. Free registration at