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Dec 7, 2017
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We need investment for:

CSGO.WORLD automatic trading platform for CS:GO (Counter Strike : Global Offensive) skins trade. There are few more similar trading bots on market, but we are working everyday to expand it and improve abilities to make our customers satisfied. Currently we are integrating direct Bitcoin payment into our BOT. Customers will be able to sell or buy skins with Bitcoin. This is only one part of features which we are planing to integrate. We also following Steam and Bitcoin market news and events. We are planing to use our platform for other games like : PlayerUnknown's Battleground, Dota and etc... We are monitoring ICO like and when they will be ready we are going to expand our platform with their capabilities too.

We used maximum of our own resources for this project, and we want to give You the chance to go along with us by helping our business to grow and to make some profit. The more people use this site, the more profit we can collect and share with our investors. You invest in our business we invest in stock (skins) and advertisement. Currently this is two most important ingredients for our business to expand. This is just beginning.

How does it work?

For example: our bank value is $10,000 and there are currently 10 000 shares in circulation of total 30 000. This means that our share price will be $1.00
You decide to deposit items valued at $100 and to buy 100 shares. Now our bank value is $10,100 and 10,100 shares have been bought. Therefore the share price is still $1.00.
Now another user wants to exchange some skins. For simplicity we assume that he wants to get a skin worth $95, but because of our fee he has to pay $100. These $5.00 are our profit. If we will have 100 such trades daily we will have $500 profit and the next day our bank value will be $10,100 + $500 = $10,600 while the share count didn't change.
Now we calculate our current share price: $10,600 / 10,100 shares = $1.05. This means our share price grew by 5%. Share price will be calculated once every day.

All investors who are interested in our business please register at
In this website you will have ability to buy shares using [btc] payment.

We also accept CS:GO skins as payment too. You must read F.A.Q in SHARES.WORLD website for information how to make deposit through Steam trade and get your shares.

Part 1:

All investors who will invest before we reach 10 000$ investment pool will get extra 10% of shares from total share quantity which they got.
If we didn't reach 10 000$ investment pool until 2018-February-01 investors will be able to start selling their shares with current investment pool.

Part 2:

When 10 000 shares will be sold we will stop giving extra 10%. You will be able to buy and sell shares whenever you want.

Part 3:

Currently there are maximum 30 000 shares for sale 1$ each. When we get enough users and daily trades we will stop offering shares.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! This system may not be considered as "Ponzi", "HYIP" or something similar. Is a necessary measure because we can't collect a huge inventory value for trades any other way. We decided to use "crowdfunding" to solve this problem.
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