Investment project earnings ETH


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Oct 10, 2019
Guaranteed income of 5% per day, thanks to decentralized technologies of smart contract Ethereum!

The project was created on October 4, 2019.
The smart contract was uploaded to the Ethereum Blockchain with renunciation of ownership rights
The project is based on the Ethereum Blockchain smart contract,which means that all transactions are transparent and decentralized.
So,no one can influence transactions and contracts in general. Even the developers.
ProEth showed that the contract holder does not have access to all funds.
There are no holes and backdoors,everything is clean and eligible for investment
To stop,to change or to influence the business logic of the contract is also not possible.
I am not the admin or the owner of

Passed vulnerability testing by independent experts.
All your contributions are protected.

Personal bonuses:
the percentage of your personal profit increases depending on the amount of funds in your account!
0 ~ 4.99 ETH Profit per day = 5%
5 ~ 9.99 ETH Profit per day = 7%
10 ~ 19,99 ETH Profit per day = 10%
20 ~ 49.99 ETH Profit per day = 15%
> 50 ETH Profit per day = 20%
All declared percentages are correct.
Transparency of all deductions from the project guaranteed.

Interest rate increase due to the increase of funds on the smart-contract!
Invested more - got more!
This means that you quickly return your contribution and make a profit
Investments must be done from your ETH wallets. Not exchanges.

Invite your friends and relatives!
The higher the overall balance of a smart contract - the more profit for all project participants!
Also there is having a referral program.
Tell your referrals to add your wallet to the Date field.
After that, you will receive 5% from each contribution of your referrals.

More detailed information about this project you can find on the website:
Good luck to all of us!