Introducing Orcorypt- Digitized precious metals on the Ethereum Blockchain ICO June 14


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Jun 10, 2017
It’s going to be a very exciting summer !

We would like to introduce Orocrypt, a new asset digitization platform that aims to issue tokenized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, we are planning to issue out gold-based tokens. Each token will represent 30g of the highest quality LMBA-compliant bullion gold. Our tokens will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets and with our state of the art Ethereum technology, you can immutably track your metals , instantly trade your tokens on any exchange platform and redeem your physical asset anywhere, anytime.

So join us this June 14 at 6:00 am at Orocrypt’s first ever Share Token Sale! We will be selling a limited supply of OROC tokens at only 9 euros each. Each OROC token represents a share within the company. Early investors will even get a 5% discount off the share price! Our gold-based tokens will be be launched soon after our Share Token sale. So save the date and join us at Orocrypt to help lead the digital asset revolution!

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