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Aug 17, 2018

Initial coin offerings are gaining more and more popularity, but it is simultaneously becoming harder to promote them. The reason for this is the limitations that some social media platforms are imposing on this type of promotion

However, There are still lots of ways to successfully promote a ICO. Here are some ways to do that:

Publications in Communities. There are many different communities that can be utilised for your ICO promotion

Creating the right content. One of the best ways of increasing traction is by creating great content and stimulating meaningful discussions. If you do this right, the discussions will keep going long after people leave your post.

Getting professionals to develop marketing plans just for you. This the best thing that you can do for your ICO marketing campaign. There are platforms like
GuerrillaBuzz for example, which can provide you with professional marketing support.

Paying for ads. Paying for ICO ads directly became a little bit more challenging, because of the regulations imposed.

Announcing the launch of new ICO on popular cryptocurrency calendars.

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