Idea: Make mempool settings visible

Georg Engelmann

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Sep 10, 2015
Currently full nodes are just blindly relaying transactions to other nodes, but many other nodes might not even include those transactions in their mempool. This is probably causing a lot of unnecessary network traffic. By making mempool settings visible nodes could relay transactions more intelligently.

Possible values could include:

Accept transactions with 0.0001 BTC per kB or more:

mempoolpolicy: 0.0001+

Accept transactions with fees between 0.0000001 and 0.01 BTC per kB:

mempoolpolicy: 0.0000001-0.01

Accept transactions with 0.00001 BTC per kB or more (100 Megabytes left):

mempoolpolicy: 0.00001+/100M

Don't accept transactions (set if your node limits the number of transactions or total mempool size and the limit has been reached):

mempoolpolicy: reject
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