ICONETWORK.IO are here to catalog ICOs


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Mar 28, 2019

Welcome to ICONetwork.io​

Our team is here to guide you through the world of the ICOs investments.

We know how exciting it is to discover a new and promising investment opportunity. We also know how quickly a scam artist can siphon money out of people’s pockets. And we get how adrenaline-heavy the world of investments can be.

The crypto-space is probably one of the most diverse ecosystem. Here you will always find ambitious projects, overly-ambitious procrastinators, innovators, idealists, people with the best chances to change the world, scam artists and copy-cats, young coders with half-made homeworks and entrepreneurs already on their 8th successful project, who have the magical Midas touch. Some are destined to succeed, some are intended to fail, others fail with the best of intentions.

ICONetwork.io are here to catalog ICOs, follow up on them and identify the more interesting aspects of their plan.

We have been following the cryptospace since 2013. We have seen projects rise and fall. Sometimes it is more obvious than others who will succeed and who will fail. There are recipes to identify scams and best practices you definitely need to know about. Yes, we do scam-busts, but make no mistake, all we are trying to do is create a better mouse trap, before nature throws at us a more intelligent rat. ICOs are complicated beings being complicated. Many will fail and most are simply risky endeavors.

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