[ICO]Unibright and the promise of blockchain technology on the future…


Mar 14, 2018

2017 is a boom year for blockchain-based startup projects. The advantages of blockchian technology such as peer-to-peer trading, public ledger, don’t counterfeit and transparency, etc. All of these help blockchian reach their shine. But for companies with more outdated machinery and technology, the desire to upgrade technology and to integrate into the blockchian world is still a big challenge for them, the creation of smart contracts. For a blockchain platform requires the use of a specific programming language such as Solidity for Ethereum, not to mention that each company has its own requirements, which adds to the complexity of deployment. Furthermore, extending and managing a smart contract is costly and requires specialized knowledge, because intuitive or friendly navigation tools are lacking in the field of smart contract development today.

In order to ensure a stable and reliable business integration based on blockchain technology, we need a super distributed concept from the specific blockchain deployment. This ensures adaptability and indispensable level of abstraction. It also reduces the dependence on single blockchains, taking into account the new blockchain implementation, carrying the intelligent contract syntax for them. Real will need a “connection” between traditional companies to help them get along with future technology.

Unibright and the promise of blockchain technology on the future…
Unibright is a unified framework for platform-based business integration and a suite of applications that leverage the framework. Blockchian is a concept that has a clear advantage in many areas of business, but it is only part of a complete business integration scenario. In addition to a standalone peer-to-peer network, the parties must also be a blockchain node, thanks to which they can track all time for every event or transaction made by smart contract. In order to harmonize your business system, not only with blockchain, but also with ERP and legacy systems, this means you have to have an infrastructure in place — that will cause a lot of trouble. more confusion on management and connectivity. Unibright understands these difficulties, and they work with the idea of keeping the existing infrastructure at the enterprise as well as the existing software platform, but at a knot on the straight run of the business, They put in place an automation system that optimizes business processes based on blockchain technology, which syncs both from the inside to the outside of the business. The purpose of business integration may be to integrate data, abstract from vendor-specific systems to ensure independence and integrity, provide common endpoints and standard queries on data.

To combine the different levels of abstraction, they introduced a combination of smart contract interface, use case-related templates and create multi-feature contracts in conjunction with a set of smart combination. After unifying the above, we get: “Unibright Contract”, which includes the main steps: first, determine the appropriate workflow, the next they start creating, deploy and maintain a unified intelligence contract, then discover and query for unified intelligence, and finally connect and merge smart contracts into your business. You can find out more about their white paper attached below.

They believe that the demand for smart contracts will continue to grow as automated interactions between systems, applications and digital individuals is becoming more and more widespread in our society. The experience of arising technologies in the past and the conviction that blockchain technology will find its way into the IT mainstream leads us to our Unibright mission.

Development Team of UniBright:

A good project is indispensable talented people, here are some of their representatives face.

** Marten Jung

CEO, Founder, Head of Blockchain Development

Master of Computer Science. 20+ years of experience in business modelling and software engineering. Blockchain enthusiast, coding solidity. Gap bridging middleware specialist, with expert level know-how on SAP Integration. CEO of a software development company and part of the leader board of an international operating consulting company. Always hungry for new approaches, valuations and solutions.

** Stefan Schmidt
CTO, Co-Founder, Head of Software Architecture

Master of Computer Science, 20 years of experience in business modelling and software architecture. Interdisciplinary acting cross media specialist. Expert level know-how on designing and creating full stack business applications and leading agile software teams. CEO of a software development company and part of the leader board of an international operating consulting company. Always in search for the perfect harmony of architectural aesthetics and functional simplicity.

** Ingo Sterzinger
Lead Engineer Frontend

Full stack developer with 15+ years of experience in web application development. Entrepreneur providing framework solutions for content management. Expert level know-how on Open Web Platform technologies and user experience design. Always committed to build accessible and sustained user interfaces for variable application requirements.

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More infonation:

Website: https://unibright.io/

Whitepaper: https://unibright.io/download/Unibright_Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/unibright_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unibright.IO/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnibrightIO

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