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Mar 14, 2018

Decades have passed since the first television came out, and I still remember how excited I was when I came to your favorite movie channel or TV game show, so now you can easily Explore the visual entertainment on the internet, but the feeling of carefully selected content and waiting will always bring excitement to everyone. According to annual statistics, revenue from the visual entertainment channels is hundreds of billions, but not all are good, behind those shimmering images, we are still subject to exclusive control from content publishers.

Wishing to bring a clean and convenient broadcast channel for all, TV-TWO was born.

TV-TWO will bring the digital age to millions of living rooms around the world!!!
Today many consumers are very disappointed with the state of the television broadcast, they want to enjoy the neat nature of a fixed schedule program, but want to see more high-profile personalized content. Pictures and their viewing preferences. This is how Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are reaching out to users. In addition, worldwide television networks are abusing their market power as watchers to raise prices for advertisers, pay less for content creators, and increase the cost of subscribing to consumers. use. They actively hinder innovation in providing content and advertising technology to maintain their position and interests.

TV-TWO provides the community with a solution in the form of an Open Platform for curious people who want to cut power. This includes an application for connected TVs combines traditional television with a stream of personal content that offers premium content without paying subscribers. The project wants to bring the maximum benefit to all in this platform, by using its TTV token system as a common payment channel for the platform, they will bring a real reform to the solution.

There are three main objects in the media platform, there are no monopolies controlling the content, the game will only be for the worthy: Viewer - Content developer - Advertiser.

  • Ad units will use TTV tokens as a reward for TV viewers, which is also a source of revenue for the entire platform.

  • Content developers also receive TTV tokens when they view their campaigns, which is the motivation to create more and more high-quality content for the channel.

  • In the end, the people who get the most benefit are the viewers, who get quality TV content, at no cost, even free, by accepting ads from people. advertisement.
With the W2W (win-to-win) trend like this, when all the people together make a profit, that's great. You can imagine watching TV and still have income. And above all, TV-TWO has a demo channel for everyone, you can visit at website: https://tv-two.com/

Many people think that entertainment content has shifted to smartphones, but a Yahoo survey finds two major drawbacks, which hamper the mobile video experience: screen size and age. battery life. In particular, the screen size is an inevitable disadvantage. I am sure television will remain a center of the living room for many years to come.

To research more about the project, you can refer directly to their website  or other communication channels attached below.

The TV-TWO team:
The TV-TWO team consists of people with longtime experience in the television service and blockchain technology, as well as the high ratings from experienced people this will be a guarantee for a potential project.

Selling tokens:

More information:

Website: https://tv-two.com/

Whitepaper: https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/tvtwocom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tvtwocom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tvtwocom

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