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Mar 14, 2018

If you are a person who has never been in contact with a computer, I have theer believe you do not know the email application ... but if you ever do you also have an email account for yourself on a platform. Many surveys have shown that the role and position of email in people's lives is growing, in a study published by the Online Publishers Association: Internet / email is a channel. Media dominates the workforce (34% of the time spent on the Internet / email on the total exposure time of all media channels including TV, magazines, radio, newspapers, Internet / email) and is the second most popular channel for non-working people (26%, after TV is 44%). This is also the reason many companies choose to advertise via email, but most of these are outdated. In the fast pace of information technology, we need better methods of this type of service.

If you are a small or medium sized business, I will recommend an email advertising project that is right for you. Let's meet TRIGGMINE

No need for people, give everything to Triggmine ...
Triggmine is an intellligent system for email marketing automation based on blockchain technology and intelligent contracting. By using the power of AI, intelligent systems help to identify unique customer needs, making email campaigns more effective. By using the database from the analysis of their personality and psychology, Triggmine's system can maximize the contact points between businesses and their customers. With each action, Triggmine will apply measures to each user.

In addition to the security and transparency as well as data sharing on the blockchain, the project also helps optimize costs for businesses, by providing TRG domestic currency, eliminating medium costs. Triggmine offers a reasonable fee, which will ease worries for small and medium-sized businesses with limited capital and a lack of technology.

Of course if you are just a lover of money investing, I believe that with the potential that the project brings, you are completely assured of your money.

Indispensable, good human beings:

With the many years of experience in services, economics and advertising services gathered under a common ideal, this will ensure a potential project.

About TRG token:
  • Pre Sale (6PM UTC 16th April - 30th April 2018)
  • Triggmine tokens distribution cap: 30 000 000 Triggmine tokens (3 000 ETH)
  • Cryptocurrency accepted: ETH
  • The token’s price: 1000 TRG = 0.1 ETH
  • The minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH
  • Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
  • Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

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