[ICO] Traxia - Trade is the engine of global economic development.


Mar 14, 2018

Trade is considered one of the driving forces of global ecnomic development, the exchange of goods and services has increased every year athought it is effedted by the economic crisis in 2008.The number of exchange of goods and services in trade grew rapidly around the world and there are up to 43 million invoices to be paid each day.Let's imagine if this number keeps rising for the next few years, it will overload the overload the settlement of invoices and trade exchanges.In addtion, commercial business is developing in the direction of investment cooperation between organizations and enterprises, investment capital is an important factor in this cooperations.Recognizing the potential in the Traxia Foundation trade as the basis for cooperative commerce.I can call it the trading platform which attracts many traders, investor and customers who want to join.

Traxia - Trade is the engine of global economic development.
The purpose of Traxia was born to create a model of operation in the form up " financial supply chain".It is a good idea!.In fact, there is always a problem in the trade taht the business owner needs capital, the investor find out potential place to invest and the customer needs good products and want to be spported in the purchase.That is reason why Traxia will become the best and most suitable trading platform for them.In there, data exchange transparently through Blockchain and secure transactions in Smart Contract.With financial supply chain technology will to solve the financial deficit in the trade.Profits generated on transaction platform is sure that makes Trxia's members asserted their position and give new development strategies in the next time.

There is also a special feature, which is the Traxia project will be used technology Cardano (ADA) and is invested by ADA's right hand Emurgo, "Cardano Goguen" - Cardano's outstanding technology will allow Traxia to present a more robust solution for better scalability, resolution and security. Another good partner is SOSV - The accelerator vc, World-renowned accelerator fund with $ 300M assets under management, 600+ companies on portfolio, 620+ mentors and 30% IRR.

We recognize Traxia is a new technology platform and a promising place to promote growth is trade by its financial connections.Furthermore, their speed is generated by digital contracts wich are faster than manual contracts.Their security combined with LiqEase technology attracted bank and non- bank investors and expanded the market based on technology decentralization to bring opportunities. We have been one of the members of Traxia or not yet.But that does not matter.The opportunities that it brings to us as well as commercial finance are important.

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