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Dec 23, 2017
Greetings, colleagues!

I want to tell you about an interesting blockchain project, which will be definitely interesting for developers of ICO and miners.

The platform has a hybrid form of the algorithm.

TokenGo platform based on the blockchain, using its own design. All designs are created from scratch to improve speed and scalability. Any mobile or web application can access the blockchain features through a simple API TokenGo. Platform allows you to use when you work with it a standard set of RESTful JSON API

The consensus TokenGo uses a modified adaptive algorithm DPoP — Delegated Proof of Power in which the basis is a hybrid algorithm DPoS/PoW. One of its features is the use of dedicated token GoPower, which is the basis for determining the priority and power to vote in the election of delegates.

Here's an interesting system. More about this from the WP project https://tokengoplatform.com/pdf/tokengo_whitepaper_EN.pdf

But since I'm here, I will tell you about the other basic features of the platform.

1) the authors of the ICO companies can create their own tokens, which allows investors to significantly reduce the development time of the system.

2)Designer smart contracts allows you to choose without any restrictions their own smart contract with their own logic and functionality.

3)Payment functionality - the Company with the financial services platform can TokenGo for instant payments anywhere in the world.

4)Social modules - Any member of the platform and the holder of the token GoPower can set a special widget a vote to your website to drive traffic and make extra money.

5)Monitoring - the platform allows real-time display of the token-holders, as well as transfer history. This functionality applies to accounting functions.

6)Platform TokenGo offers a solution to many of the problems associated with digital identity. With this technology, the authentication may be irrefutable, unchanging, and safe way. How can you demonstrate that You provide reliable and safe services? On the platform TokenGo you can create professional certificates for accountants, providers, brokers, insurance agents, etc.

7) Built-in website Builder. You can easily create your website using this constructor, to set the bounty the company and immediately integrated with the ground TokenGo.

This is only a small part of the platform. If you dig deeper, taking the real economy, on the platform TokenGo way to create professional-blockchain solutions for accountants, providers, brokers, insurance agents, and many other activities, even government agencies.
For example, can be transferred to the blockchain platform TokenGo customs, police, tax service, various state supervision, archives, etc. And all this with the added digital identification and authentication, which will not allow to write data to outsiders.
It all greatly accelerate the work of these services, bring order in the work and cheapen it.
And as you know, what was in the blockchain, there is not going to disappear, so this platform is potentially useful to fight against corruption.

Currently, the platform holds the ICO and has already collected more than 700 ether.

I recommend that potential miners to buy a couple thousand coins. Or earn them by participating in the bounty program. Data coins will come in handy for mining
site - https://tokengoplatform.com
telegramm - http://t.me/TokenGo_EN

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