[ICO]Streamity — The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for the blockchain generation.


Mar 14, 2018

Today, cryptocurrencies is no longer unfamiliar to many, the rapid development of this platform entails many transactions taking place every day. Because the contract is peer-to-peer, transferring funds between accounts is easy without someone verifying a direct or any appropriate functional authority that can control the transaction, that gives some errors or worse than the scam game of hackers. In that case, people looking for a data security, STREAMITY has been born and it will do more than necessary.

STREAMITY is the first P2P platform ready to protect transactions with smart-contracts. Streamity is a group of Streamdesks, those make sure exchange of crypto currencies for fiat currencies using smart contracts in safe. Growth rate of blockchain currency may revelant FOREX in 3 years. As that quick growth, circle of currencies will make a big earthquake in the real market. It bring simple transactions, everything is open, every member can read about and be witness for every single exchange. It changes a complicated and time-consuming deal to be an easy one without any intermediates.

Streamity services include information and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing environment as an independent business environment. They look forward to creating an attractive and powerful portal in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, as well as high quality analytics in a personal account, unique training courses created by experts in various fields, some forums with remuneration token, and many other great things in their platform.

In a few years, blockchain currency maybe put under control of government if it’s not a safe playground for users. Developers are hurry up to convince and protect users’s belief. Not only a data security but also a useful tool. STREAMITY service includes news, analysis, educational, and investment resources. All the services provide value-added assistance to investors with regard to their management. Each STREAMITY service represent an independent business environment and will generate income from its various digital services.

You would prefer to join a simple net, so that you are free to do e-contract with amount of big money, with no doubt. Because you have beside you a higher standard for security than initial cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Streamity creates a password between parties. You can communicate to each other through tools during the deal. In shortest time, STM will inform you that your exchange has done safely. If you see the need of Streamity in current situation, you might want to know and buy STM token right after. Start exchange rate cost one token $0.20 (USD). They sell in stages and there is discount for earlier buyers.

A good news for the first generation holders is that you can make profit from STM token by selling it in secondary market. shopping with STM card will get discount from many partners. Streamity is always big enough to welcome a number of new participants.

Indispensable, good human beings:

The team of Streamity includes people with long service experience, economics, and blockchain technology that will ensure a potential project.

Sell and allocate tokens:

Information about …

Website: https://streamity.org/

Whitepaper: https://streamity.org/uploads/docs/en/Whitepaper_Streamity_en.pdf

Telegram: https://instagram.com/streamity

Facebook: https://facebook.com/streamity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamityorg
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