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Mar 14, 2018

Funding your crypto exchange account with the fiat currency takes a lot of time or not possible at all and this is the same when you want to withdraw cash. The transfer fees are high and usually come with unfavorable exchange rates.
The deposit and withdrawal of assets is restricted due to the working hours of the third-party institutions. There are many unfavorable factors in the current trading system, but with the support of new technologies, especially blockchain, new approaches are emerging.

Sint.Global World's Fastest Crypto & Fiat Exchange Point
Sint is created to solve all of those problems. Being developed by blockchain enthusiasts and people with experience in the new technologies sector, It enables the investors to convert funds from fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa instantly. The platform works 24/7 and at a fee of only 0.1% or even free of charge with the use of SIN token. The solution is absolutely safe because it is built using Blockchain technology, which ensures a 100% stability and correct performance even in case of a single-module failure. This is a huge advancement compare to the current centralized systems which are subject to DDOS attacks and may stop working if one module fails.

Sint sponsors an electronic wallet with the goal of optimizing the way a user transacts in just 4 steps: Choose currency - Enter address - Direct local currency or bank account - And Your wallet is ready to use. In the opposite situation, the process of withdrawing money is also very simple: Select the local currency you want to receive or bank account - Select the electronic money you want to sell - Enter the recipient address - And ... * BOOM * ... the amount will be transferred to the bank account later. All for one purpose is to maximize the user experience.

Being able to provide such hassle-free transfers and conversions, Sint is a fundamental tool for both newcomers and experienced traders. The platform allows investors to execute trades when they see favourable market conditions which is extremely important for them to maximize the profit as well as minimize the loss when trading. Besides, SIN token - the most important aspect of the platform - is expected to prosper all traders everytime listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. The reason is SIN can be traded to fiat or crypto and vice versa for free in Sint platform. This makes the token a desirable tool and an irreplaceable intermediary currency for transfering money during exchanges. The cryptocurrency is deflationary thanks to Smart Contract, which defines the coin and calculates number of SIN needed in the circulation.

With all the benefits it can bring, Sint is expected to be a comprehensive solution, which is clearly lacking in today’s market, for cryptocurrency users. We totally can hope for a unification of the financial market and the speedily developing cryptocurrency market and make it more accessible to ordinary people.

Indispensable, good human beings:
The project's development team consists of members who have worked with crypto for many years, and who also have expertise in economics, broadcasting and advertising. With the enthusiasm of ourselves, let's take a look at their story.

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