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Mar 14, 2018

You, me and more seven millions people on this earth that all admit that the Earth is warming up and air pollution caused by the economic revolutions of the world that is a huge effects to the lives of people on this planet.Recent statistics show that ecosystems are being destroyed, drought, floods, heat waves, melting ice,...appearing in many part of the world.Espectially every year, about 150,000 people die of climate change- related diseases due to high temperatures to diseases like respiratory and diarhea.Organizations and Governments of many countries have given measures to support everyone,However that is not enough.In poor countries, the problem of health is not taken care of because people's lives are poor and the health checks are almost nonexistent.

Shivom and dream health for everyone ...
To solve and improve health for us,The Shivom platform has offered us to a heath care solution based on convergen technologies including genomics,blockchain, artificial intelligence.It play a important for reseach genomic and treatment of many rare diseases.

Thanks to the information of patient shared through Shivom platform.The Shivom creates a platform where the medical team consists of clinicians, researcher, insurers, clinical laboratories and other stakeholders that alway connects patients and patients are supported a crypto keys to manage and control their health data.Besides they can share, donate,or monetize their genomes via Shivom's blockchain platform with transparency, high security. Patient information will help the development of the Shivom's to provide care , counseling services and interact with patients who need to be supported.

It's a good news for everyone on the Earth that they will be supported non- profit health services by The Shivom platform!

The Shivom platform is set up with global professional team that Alex Schumacher, PhD who has over 20 years of R&D leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, and aging & longevity with Henry L.Ines is a global executive with extensive VC... and other professional.The Shivom not only is Shivom Genomics Datahub $ Healthcare Services Platform but also is Advanced Protocols and Architecture which is a function of security develoment and data management.

In addition The Shivom platfrom will extend service array to the classical target regions from the transitional economies to reduce the cost of healthcare for people in poor countries in the near future.Genomic counselors always supports their in case they do not have direct access and are ready to analyze the questions you face.In other hand they conctrol their genomes by smart contract which is Shivom's platform to securely genome data, manage, find out information and more.How do you think about sharing your genomes?Blockchain technology will protect your genomes to certain parties a security and transparentcy way.

Healthcare has never been enough for anyone.Futhermore everyone should be aware that sharing their genomes is an important contribution to the development of medicine and for The Shivom' development that make a strong link to fight againt disease!

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