[ICO] SalvageCoin ICO is Live


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SalvageCoin ICO is Live Now into Oct 20th.
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SalvageCoin a division of Salvage Reviews is currently offering our Token to the public. SalvageCoin is a ERC20 based off the Ethereum Blockchain.
SalvageCoin is being developed with Salvage Reviews to bring the recycling industry to the blockchain. All tokens sold will be available to be traded on our soon to be released exchange and we will be submitting our token to several exchanges in the next week or so.

SalvageCoin Stats:
Total Supply: 300,000,000
Algo: ERC20 Token

SalvageCoin will also have a PoW / PoS coin available in late October for anyone who prefers to mine there coins which will include windows and linux based wallets. Tokens will be distributed from Oct 1st to the 11th.

Some background on Salvage Reviews. Our company was originally started in 2014 but due to time constants, and server issues at the time our site never made it live. Since then the site has been in development and has recently we started testing on sercurity, exchange pairs, and more.
SalvageCoin will be the Main currency on SalvageReviews and maybe used for buying featured listings, accept payments through the auction site coming in early 2018, as well as accept and send payments to other users and businesses.
SalvageCoins Features:
Peer to Peer Payments
Peer to Peer Exchange
Private Transactions
Quick Transactions which are normally confirmed in under 30 seconds

These are just some of the features are we working on. Some of the project images can be found on our website at: salvagereviews.com

All tokens being sold are at one set price for the entire ICO and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. If your interested in purchasing SalvageCoin tokens please visit:

We accept payments through Coinpayments and no account is required to purchase just include your Ethereum address in the notes section so we can send your tokens to you.

SalvageCoin currently is the owner of Salvage Reviews and we have a database that will be released in November on our new site of over 80,000 businesses from all over the United States and Canada.
We will be submitting SalvageCoin to the following exchanges:

We will update this post as our token is added to exchanges.