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Mar 14, 2018
Education has always been the cultural cradle for all nations, it is bad to imagine what it would be like if people were no longer learning, no knowledge, no books, the kind of people will become dull. Many years ago, people overcame many difficulties to come up with the knowledge and traditions of learning that lasted from the beginning of human civilization.

In the age of digital technology, human learning also needs to change in line with the new age. We can communicate with each other more easily through the internet, not just in video but also in audio, the geographical limits are greatly reduced, so many companies are adopting the meeting format video chat applications, and it does indeed work, the quality of work is guaranteed but the cost of organizing it will be reduced significantly.

NTOK and school dreams
Although studiousness is everywhere, however, not all are as beautiful as the paintings, there are still plenty of places because of the geographical factors that make sex difficult. I have seen in Vietnam there are babies only 8 years old, every day they have to walk alone for 3km in the forest just to go to school, and they do it alone. Understanding this, NTOK appears with the desire to eliminate that.

The NTOK ecosystem is a new step for Tutor Ninja - a company that specializes in providing educational services - by using blockchian technology on existing infrastructure, they want to provide a new concept of education. The NTOK platform will include online schools, a private tutor or even a tutor, and is also home to NTOK's other educational partners. so they can deploy their services.

You can say that schools and many outside educational centers are doing their job well, so we do not need to change everything because it will be very expensive. However, I can show you another example of an economic problem: Imagine the cost of transporting your children daily, bringing that money back up to 30 days, and you also have If you multiply that number with the children in your neighborhood, you will see that it is a large number, the amount will swell up very fast if you look at the whole world. That is not all, if you do not use the bus system, it will take quite some time to get your kids to school - and sometimes, the time is also gold.

So the form of internet education is going to be the next step in the education system for the community, NTOK with their software platform will make this easier and more convenient than many times, even In areas where internet connectivity is slow or even disconnected, offline tutorials have been carefully examined for content, which is also key to solving problems. You have a higher requirement for your child, an advanced program or face-to-face learning, all of which will be provided on the NTOK platform. One statistic shows tutoring - one of the largest segments of the education market - is projected to reach $ 227 billion by 2022, this is evidence of NTOK's future service potential.

I believe that NTOK is on the right track, whether you want to use better education services or just be a normal investor looking for a good investment project then NTOK is right for you.

Development team of the project:

The NTOK team members are experienced in the field of education as well as the development of blockchian.

Selling and distributing tokens:

Open for sale from 13.03.2018.
Token: NTOK
PreICO Price: 1 NTOK = 1 USD
Price 1 NTOK = 1 - 1.20 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD

More infonation:

Website: https://ntok.io/

Whitepaper: https://ntok.io/docs/en/NTOK White Paper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/ntokx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ntok.token

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ntok_io

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Dec 17, 2017
i don't think this business setup is a feaseable one. Just think about it for a second, how many people will use a platform just for online schooling. You should do a comprehensive survey before launching the setup.