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Mar 14, 2018

Nollywood is the cradle of popular films in Africa, which gives the audience thousands of films in a variety of genres.Films fans around the world appreciate the role as well as the authenticity off African films.I’m pretty crazy about wildlife and people there, I think it’s a potential and advantage that Nollywood Movie Producers take as the basis for the films because everybody say that nature and people of Africa are fascinating things to make curious and humor. Besides this film studio is a gathering of people who have leading experience in film production have worked in the company.The most important thing is they have launched a project called “Nollycoin” to bring this films and attractive the investors. Their project opens a professional film production team and hope to create super movies in around the word.

The Nollycoin entertainment project is a fast- growing trend.With the increasing demand for entertaiment because of the daily pressures, movies are a means of relieving stress and gaining more knowledge.It is interesting to participate in Nollycoin,why? We have the opportunity to approach the film production process, the creative will be recorded and paid directly by the buyer. They will regularly update the idea for the movies to show us the potential before choosing it to invest. Fundraising for this distribution platform is a great idea to produce great influences.The huge revenue from blockbuster movies that have appeared before.This is a proof that capital for a movies is extremely important.The project support is an opportunity for us to gain access and work as an owner on this distribution platform.

The ecosystem will be expanded so that we can harness it for a long time and harvest profits around the world by the Nollycoin chain.In addition it’s always fair work based on blockchain technology and the information is encryted and adjusted by Smart Contract. Big open data on Nollycoin to make better movies and other creative works.

The nollycoin project is operated by a team of professional and experienced around the world. DR OPEBANWO is the founder and CEO of the leading executive position over 30 years.Besides Technical Development with the participation of VAUGHNITEM is the director of technology with over 11 years of experience in programing.In particular, the film production consultant team with extensive experience and wide knowlege.

The Nollycoin project is a potential and growing trend in the entertaiment industry with innovative ideas.Focus on building a leisure ecosystem and the corelation betwwen production and viewers.

Information about …

Website: https://nollycoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://nollycoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Nollycoin-White-Paper.pdf

Instagram: http://instagram.com/nollycoin

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Nollycoin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nollycoin

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