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Mar 14, 2018

In the 4.0 economy, artificial intelligence is a concept that is researched and developed day by day. According to unofficial statistics, more than 8,000 companies in the field of artificial intelligence exist and continue to grow every day. But most of them are not real value or are obscured by later companies.

But ... in this article, I will not introduce you to such a company. I am also a "cryptanalyst investor", and today I introduce an interesting investment opportunity. At first I would like to emphasize that when you see the potential of artificial intelligence, you will want to invest in research projects that are not wrong but with thousands of projects,

You have the opportunity to choose the right one and wait for it to grow to be small, if it is crime ... I choose to buy chicken coop. I will invest in a company that provides artificial intelligence services and Nebula AI is the right choice.

Nebula AI and the facilities they bring to the entire artificial intelligence industry.
One major obstacle facing the industry is that their research needs a lot of computing power from computer hardware. It costs a lot of money for every company operating in the field, which is more difficult for startups or small companies. Since most of the projects targeting artificial intelligence are still new, they have yet to determine the market value. In fact, most of them did not start earning when they started operating less than a year ago.

Nebula AI is developing a system to help optimize the problem, which is to lease the GPU power from free users by creating a generic connection pool, then selling it to Developers, who provide their AI applications on the Nebula AI platform. Nebula embraces a market gap by connecting an existing supply with existing needs - this is a great but extremely simple means of creating value. In fact, the project expanded to give developers the opportunity to deliver their AI applications on the Nebula. This will create a double profit for the company, on the one hand they provide computational power to the companies in need, on the other hand they are the channel to market successful projects and profit from its service. Nebula is a service that everyone involved in artificial intelligence research needs.

It can not be denied that the field of artificial intelligence is a potential market that attracts many talented scientists, but that puts tremendous pressure on competition, but Nebula's approach does not. The resistance from the market, they do not face the same competitive pressure as many other companies face. And one more factor to note is that all listed companies do not use blockchain technology, which is a competitive advantage for Nebula as they can provide a secure and transparent platform for all. Both users, financial issues are always very scary, currency risk can destroy small companies, but with its native currency system NBAI, Nebula can eliminate these risk factors.

Development team of the project

Nebula AI's development team is a skillful group: all of them have technical skills in software development, UI expertise, AI scientists and advertising. These are essential for the long-term development of the project.

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