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Mar 14, 2018

I hope that any readers here at least one time do start-up or if you heard of difficulties of start-up you may know thousands ideas go through brains every single day, only few are chosen, done to be product and make profit from the market. If so then you know the big problem any entrepreneurs have to face
that’s seed capital, that’s money. Some of well-known project just need a few years to get successful.

Others take fifteen, up to thirty years to be finished and make profit. Many entrepreneurs don’t dare tostart their ideas. Some go with their project halfway then have to quit because they can’t bear all the cost. (I feel poor them) In that period of time, they only concentrate on the project, they put all their head and heart to try and fix every mistakes in their own small laboratory, they have to run it well before announcing a new tool to the market. when it fail or can not be finished, they may crush themselves . A team understand that disadvantage and help reduce time-consuming and cost problem with Morpheus Labs.

Morpheus Labs creates an open laboratory needed for all project. Morpheus Labs allow people begin their experiment in a widen and open environment with minimum risks. Every result will be stored in the memory cloud. Result from other studies or research can also be used by you. Using the data helps save lost of money. (of course you have to ask for the right first) It can work out from data and give you reliable rate. If any calculation goes wrong it will stop and show the runners mistakes, users will be yell in surprise “How safe”. With 70-year experience in field, developers can consult to choose suitable tool among many in blockchain.

Blockchain industry is better in helping entrepreneurs. Morpheus Labs gives recommendation to the network to use and evaluate the product Investors can look and consider about the meaning and future of new tool. Which has to be useful, it helps human deal with their troubles. It will attract a number of users. Investors can look at the figure and decide to place money in the project. They can leave comments to help developers meet the needs of market . Developers follow the figure and feedback to captain their product into the right way.

What will Morpheus Lab do to help people ?

First, it convinces investors to place money to do project throughout stages from beginning to finish.

Second, it helps appreciate mistakes from figure when running, that shape an pre-product to a perfect one.

Third, it connects project with users, who will buy product. Movement from project – product – tool all need that power.

Morpheus Labs is now a seed, it needs helps to gather information, power, shape itself and grow up once day. By buying tokens, you one hand hold development of technology, the other hand, you create all seeds in future also yours a safe garden to grow up.

There are many interesting things about the project that you can find out more in the attached contact information below.

Those who laid the groundwork for the project:

Morpheus Labs development team has extensive experience in blockchain, market research and advertising.

Selling and distributing tokens:

Ticker: MITX
Token type: ERC20 ICO
Token Price: 1 MITX = 0.0481 USD (0.00013 ETH)
Fundraising Goal: 25,000,000 USD
Sold on pre-sale: 5,900,000 USD
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000

More infonation:

Website: https://token.morpheuslabs.io/

Whitepaper: https://token.morpheuslabs.io/assets/documents/WhitePaper.pdf

Telegram: https://twitter.com/morpheus_labs_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morpheusblockchain

Twitter: http://t.me/morpheuslabs

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Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community

-Author: Hoangvuhk3110

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