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Mar 14, 2018

“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart”. Poor Charlie Puth sadly sings in his song like that. I actually don’t blame the girl for “just want attention”. She probably already knows how valuable “attention” is. And my friends, what about you? Do you know that “attention” can turn into tokens?

Alright that’s enough bullshitting. Today I’m gonna introduce to you this ambitious project named Merculet. Why do I say it’s ambitious? Because they say what they do is “to launch the new era of the Internet”. They want to turn “Internet of information” into “Internet of Value” and believe in a win-win scenario for everyone in a value-based Internet in the future. They build what called Attention Value Network in order to Give users the value they deserve. Users’ value is usually neglected. However users in this network can get money for their attention. More precisely, users are rewarded with token for their effective behaviours.

Help enterprises to grow. Many enterprises have difficulty in growth because of the monopoly. Merculet believes that in the “Internet of Value”, there will be no dominating big enterprises. Joining in Attention Value Network, enterprises now have virtuous feedback ecosystem, which means they can concentrate on creating valuable products and Merculet will take care of “the rest” which includes providing new and attractive content, valuating users and rewarding them for their good actions toward enterprises. Attention Value Network is actually the place for demand and supply of attention to meet. However it’s much more advanced than the normal market places because it is built on blockchain technology. There are several key components of the system:

UAV (User Attention Value) Evaluation System - in other words: a system that evaluates users’ attention. I guess what it does is pretty clear in its name.

UAT - User Attention Token - Be careful and don’t mistake UAT for MVP. MVP is the token of Merculet and this is the thing you can buy during its ICO. Meanwhile UAT is just a “local” token used within Attention Value Network. Each enterprise in the network has its own UAT. UAT will be given to users as a reward for their attention and can be used to redeem for goods or services following each enterprise’s rules. Open Content Platform. This is the source of user attention.

Indispensable, good people:

The Merculet team includes people with experience in information management, databases, advertising, and long-term prevention technologies that will ensure a viable project.

Ivan Jiang
He is known as "China's Reid Hoffman" by Professor Gong Yan, Head of China Europe
International Business School (CEIBS) startup Central China Venture Camp;
• Core Leader of Hewlett-Packard HP China, HP Silicon Valley data management
platform and next-generation data center;
• Chief engineer of SAP, First China representative of SAP Cloud acceleration;
• AdMaster vice president of R&D, GM of R&D center;
• Strategic Advisor of Vivaki Data Solution;
• The Initiator of China APP growth alliance; Talked to over 1000 entrepreneurs in
2 years;
• Co-chair of Zhisland to B Alliance;
• 5th CEIBS startup Camp alumnus,9th Lenovo star alumnus;

Shen Jun Zhang
• With over 12 years’ experience in IT industry, serving globally renowned
technology companies such as HP, SAP, EMC, etc., Engaging in large-scale
enterprise data management and SaaS platforms;
• AdMaster R&D Director, technical leader of a number of product lines, led the
development of the first version of the Mobile Monitoring SDK for the China
Mobile Marketing Alliance;
• CTO of Magic Window, led the development of mobile enterprise-class deep link
service (mLink) and content smart distribution platform (mContent) to ensure
the stable operation of distributed systems that are requested every day;
• Focus on governance of distributed system, performance, distributed ledger,
blockchain economy;

Jerry Gao
• With over 10 years’ experience in Interface design, interaction design and
Internet and mobile product design;
• Independent deliver e-commerce system and large scale data management
system to P&G, Shanghai GM;
• Leader of AdMaster e-commerce product line;
• Advisor of big data product and leader of ads transaction system for Vivaki Data
• Specialized in agile development for prototype design and product development
• Rich Experience in the advertising industry, marketing industry and ecommerce

Information about …

Website: https://merculet.io/

Whitepaper: https://merculet.io/static/pdf/Merculet_Whitepaper_V0331a-EN.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/merculet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Merculet-347541915747100

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Merculet_io
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