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Mar 14, 2018

Banking history has existed for decades. Considered one of the backbones of the world economic system, credit institutions maintain their unique position and, despite many changes, the currency business still carries a primitive form as it first appeared. Leverage financial leverage for individuals and organizations with capital needs. But the era of technology has come, there are many traditional things should be upgraded to prepare for the long way to go. In an open economy, finance is also open, multinational banks appear as a necessity,

Even though they have shown their benefits ... there are high barriers to credit services: because of the limitation, the credibility of customers is extremely limited, the players The complex KYC, long processing times, and high cost of borrowing ~ 10% globally (World Bank) are not all: cross-border, cross-currency and loan troubles. time zone crossing etc ... too many problems can not be solved. But a blessing to us, when blockchain technology emerged and was recognized, the financial sector also had a powerful tool to improve their systems. I know there are a number of projects that have started implementing the current financial system change plan, but by this time the real opportunity that I believe can really change is coming.

The door to global financial services has been opened...
If we need to use a phrase to best describe the function of the project we are talking about, it is: "A decentralized lending ecosystem facilitates open access to credit at any Where and at any time based on the Ethereum block. " Yes, LibraCredit is the ecosystem in question, with the purpose of providing credit everywhere and at all times. Having a parent company, the LBA Foundation, with five years of experience in financial services and blockchain technicians, they have achieved a lot of success. Libra Credit of the LBA Foundation is offering a scream for the traditional financial market.

Other notable advantages include broad partnerships, powerful AI-based computing tools (home-based risk management technology already in place in China and successful ASEAN markets). ), strong financial resources on fiat demand, hedging and liquidity ... The most amazing thing is that LBA creates a bridge for the world to come to cryptocurrencies. LBA's "Lender & Stablecoin Partnership" will be the financial intermediary for all clients using their services. LBA understands that the value of digital assets is rapidly fluctuating and many customers fear that they will lose their price advantage if using crypto as a form of mortgage collateral, they have proactively created a cross-borrowing method known as crypto-to-stablecoin - This will allow borrowers to raise volatility without escaping or pledging alternative alerts for more formal electronic funds (ie, BTC / ETH) with better liquidity.

You may be wondering: For those who have never used crypto, are they having difficulty using LBA's services? Of course, that's an exact question, and LBA has simplified the process of creating a loan agreement, an easy process that you can do even with your smartphone in 5 steps. The security issue is something to keep in mind, Libra Credit can integrate with Dx-based decentralized transactions to approve access to the ERC- 20 standards. A demonstration of an integrated call chain with DEX based on 0x.

Human factor - the foundation of success.
Despite good planning, human being is the decisive factor to the success of the project, with many years of experience working with related fields, LBA's development team is really a formidable bunch, some of the faces are:

Lu Hua
PayPal - Product Development, Product Management, Business Development
VeriSign - Development lead, Senior software engineer
Specialties: Global product management and business development, with a focus on emerging technologies impacting payment services, including mobile financial services, electronic payment systems and online banking in the U.S. and China markets

Dan Schatt
Chief Commercial Officer of Stockpile Inc.
General Manager of Financial Innovations at PayPal
Author of Virtual Banking

Shuoji Zhou
Founding Partner of FBG Capital (Libra receives the $ 2 million worth of electronic funds invested by FBG Capital)
Early investor in a broad spectrum of blockchain companies

Scott Thompson
CEO of Tuition.io
CEO of Yahoo
President at PayPal

With what the LBA is showing, I believe in the success of the project, if you are merely an investor and need to find an effective long-term investment channel, LBA's token is also an egg needs to be added to the basket.

Information about …

Website: https://libracredit.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.libracredit.io/page/Libra Credit Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/libraofficial

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/libracredit/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibraCredit

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