[ICO] Konios - all you need to reach the world market.


Mar 14, 2018

I think to introduce a new product like clothes, shoes, car or anything is pretty easy because they are familiar things in our lives.But that I want to introduce for you is a new technology platform, it's almost unfamiliar in the past.But I'm sure you will not be able to ignore it when you know what they bring.Konios is the technology platform that I want.Everyday you have wasted time for transactions and fees in a bank.So Konios has developed and programmed the platform for all crypto which allows you to participate in the crypto world by cash. Blockchain technology plays security and transparency role and Smart Contract will follow and test the processes in the Konios platform.

All you need to reach the world market.
Konios is considered to be a smart and development platform. The programming is based on the advantages and it overcomes the existing shortcomings in electronic technology. The first, it focus on builds a secure platform. Why ? now, the customer data has been stolen by hackers in many banks. That is reason why KONIOS is building the platform through Blockchain technology and performs th transaction on a Smart Contract. With absolute security encrypted by blockchain, customer data will always be guaranteed.

Another direction of Konios is creates a trading platform in crypto money that promotes global trade by trading options for all curencies. It is very convenient for daily sales and of course you do not have to spend time and regular service fees. In addition transation Face-to Face in Konios platform that helps you directly exchange trader. This is esential to safe in the transalation.

Not over, Konios data analysis capabilities are always free and available to the consumer while previously you have to think about whether to analyze the data by other organization.

It's easy to make transactions in the Konios platform by your phone.You have many opportunity KON -Tokens on the Konios platform If you frequently use Konios transactions, you will become a loyal customer.
Konios is asserting it's position in the technology platform by the practical features it brings. Besides It respond the needs of you as well as you looking for these smart platform to serve in your life. Thus 'let Konios simplify your transactions safely and conveniently'.

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