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Mar 14, 2018

According to a real estate market reasearcher that the real estate still unstable,somtimes too fast or too slow.The satus of real estate devolopment spontneously,the pupular movement.Many projects are slow to complete lead to waste,inventory of real estate caused debt to effect society.To escape this situation I will introduce for you a new technology platform for the real estate market which is Equitebase.Equitybase is offer blochain contract technologies and smart in the real estate world.Minimize unnecessary costs and provide liquidity and transparency,limited time and real estate business around the world.The capital of Equitybase up to 500 billion USA in cryptocurrency.It is established with a team of 15 years of experience in the real estate and business landscape.So We are confident that a new technology platform will serve the real estate market and make you profitable.

Why Equitybase is a mart technology platform for the commercial market?
Equitybase is based on BASE sollution,real estate investor spen money on intermediaries, the cost of maintaining unnecessary relationships or meetings that realy not effective.BASE sollution give you the opportunity invest directly in high quality real estate without intermediate or unnecessary and make you active into invest.It will become more simple, effective and transaction for you.

Besides The informations, transactions and personal data is linked by the blockchain feature .All are arranged in proper linear, chronological order that help you find informations which you want or nescessary for invest real estate.Moreover Smart Contract will be responsible for solve the deal, controlling the operation of the market to ensure stable and transparent operation of the real estate market.In business real estate there are agreements between buyers and sellers that need to be traansparent to avoid cheats and bankruptcy.Smart Contract as a lawer for anyone join in business real estate instead of you have to hire a lawer.

To make it easy to trading Equitybase flatform provide for you BASE token which is a digital represention .It not only is Equity invest but aslo Equity exchange.They has a fixed value because they are coin ERC20.It convenient and you do not need to use cash when trading at Equitybase flatform.We are sure that there will be more development for Equitybase that is create connect by IOS and Android on your mobile phone.

It is high time for you to invest in real estate with Equitybase while business real estate more and more closely linked.Equitybase will be opened for you many oppurtunity if you catch up it.

About BASE token:

Public ICO of BASE Token will begin on 02/28/2018 and end on 04/30/2018 with initial discount of 30%, discount rate will be lower in increments of 5% weekly over the duration of the ICO sale. Minimum contributions during the public ICO will be at 0.001 ETH. Transfer rate is set at 1 ETH = 3,000 BASE.

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