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Mar 14, 2018

It is a fact that the shortcomings of the current global health care infrastructure result in ineffective, wasteful and poorly optimized health outcomes for the most important stakeholders: patient.

In today's health, there is a lack of incentives for healthcare systems and providers to focus on mutually beneficial cooperation and maximize patient outcomes. Digipharms vision is "pioneering the delivery of value-for-value health care services, creating innovative evidence and raising awareness among patients in the health sector" network. Digipharm's goal is to use advanced blockchain technology to overcome barriers to patient access and cost-creation, reduce costs for all stakeholders, and ignore the underlying limitations. to promote value innovation, encourage innovation and accelerate the transition to personal care. A new door was opened.

DIGIPHARM - Launches new era for health care...

Currently, health systems around the world lack the proper infrastructure to track and implement innovative pricing models such as value-based pricing agreements and therefore do not want to apply This innovative policy. This has led to the need for the most demanding pharmacists not to receive new pharmacological therapies, ignoring the opportunity to remove the economic burden and morbidity of the health system, and cause many barriers to reimbursement. pay for the manufacturer.

The goal of Digipharm is eliminate infrastructure barriers and automate the implementation of the initiative value-based pricing agreements on a completely independent basis to facilitate the return of individualized health technology on the basis of "charging for activity" for the mutual benefit of patients, persons pay and the manufacturer. Allows the use of actual data (RWD) as soon as they are present, to inform health-related studies, make decisions, and encourage patients to contribute their data.

The Reimburse platform harnesses the benefits of automated ‘smart contracts’ and blockchain technology, , facilitating the application of innovative pricing solutions between healthcare systems and manufacturers in a single safe and compliant with the minimum administrative burden. The use of the Reimburse platform will promote the integration, coordination and delivery of patient-focused clinical systems to improve patient outcomes.
The Insights platform will extract anonymous patient level data from the Reimburse platform and medical information systems to the first 'live' RWE database in the world. Details will provide a symbiotic solution to Reimburse to enable the integration of knowledge into the distribution system in real time to facilitate decision-making, drug development and related health-resarch.

By 2020, it is estimated that 75% of commercial payments for high cost therapies will be executed according to value-based agreements (Deloitte 2015). Price-based pricing arrangements are one of the options in a range of innovative pricing solutions. These solutions are designed to provide the right medicine, at the right time for the patient and at a reasonable cost to the healthcare system and the manufacturer.

Currently, blockchain is a distributed database technology, recognized as the backbone of digital currency platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Smart contracts are self-generated code that generates, verifies or enforces the terms of a predefined agreement. These contracts allow transactions to be performed between the parties anonymously without the need to execute or execute them externally. All transactions based on smart contracts are published in the ledger of the blockchains and provide transparency and invariant.Due to the nature of both the confidential pricing agreements between stakeholders and sensitive patient data, secure channels on the Digipharm private blockchain will be utilised to transmit sensitive information and to meet all compliance, regulatory and data protection laws.

Using blockchain technology for the Digipharms platform promotes the development of a distributed, universally-available, transparent and secure medical information infrastructure.The development, maintenance and use of the Digipharm platform will provide comprehensive data protection and protection, along with advanced security measures and full compliance with information management protocols. Digipharm is a strong believer in empowering patients with custody and ownership of their personal data. Patients will be encouraged to share and contribute health-related data so they can lay Insights flatform. Patients who contribute their data to the Insights platform will be given access to the platform as an invaluable source of health information.

Since much of data transferred on Digipharm platforms is likely to be confidential for many platform participants, using permissioned blockchain technology will give members the power to conduct confidential transactions using private channels. Benefits of using private blockchain technology: Security, Confidentiality, Scalability, Smart Contract Execution.

There are interesting things about the project that I can not cover here. You can visit the contact below for more information.

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