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Mar 14, 2018

Technological revolution has thrown people away at rocket speed, in just a century, life has changed dramatically, each industry is technologically different, but the machines themselves do not. their own social network, then Internet Of Thing (IoT) came out. IoT is quickly becoming essential in our daily routine by shaping and transforming the way we think, create, work, play, learn and live. But that was not enough, the information being isolated, encrypted and blocked made all IoT systems go in stagnation, buying and maintaining IoT sensors was expensive. According to Verizon Enterprise, in 2016 there are 9 billion IoT sensors worldwide and there are likely to be 33 billion people by 2019. If this situation continues, the global IoT system will only enter the dead end. .

And then ... DataBroker appears, in overwhelming light, the light they bring will help the whole system.

What is DataBroker?
Developed and launched by SettleMint in July 2017, using their own Mint technology. DataBroker Dao is a decentralized market that revolutionizes the IoT market. This market allows IoT sensors owners to sell the sensor data they accumulate to provide a secondary market that meets the needs of IoT sensor data. Buying and selling IoT sensor data will enable entrepreneurs, researchers and organizations to create value-added services that contribute to improving the quality of cities, and ultimately quality of life. our lives. To understand the nature of this new market, the authors compare DataBroker with a secondary market like eBay or Amazon. They say their platform will make "sensor data" accessible and it's similar to how online retailers offer a "branded product" available at the same price. .

The system from secondary to high level will be synchronized completely, stretching throughout the array of activities:

Can monetize their own data and turn lost costs into assets or at least a chance to recover some of their investment to buy IoT sensors.

They use the information - offset the cost of the sensor - produce thousands more sensors - turn the cost into investment - make money from your data.

DataBroker DAO connects people with additional needs. This platform allows the sensor owner to acquire investment in hardware while allowing businesses and organizations to purchase and aggregate data for their own purposes or to sell data that has been enriched through DataBroker DAO.

The network becomes uniform and throughout the whole information is shared, smoother, dispersed but always in harmony.

The initial investment for IoT equipment will be offset by information, the cost of offloading will turn the investment and increase the efficiency of the investment.

Entire people can access open information, completely free, and they also share information in the shared system, an endless circle of connections.

And the DAO's superiority over its competitors is that they have their own test system, not just the rhetoric. The BETA Test Platform: They have a full foundation. Function for you to try. Want to know how to sell or buy IoT sensor data to work on DataBroker? If you're interested, check out:


A quote from Patrick M. Byrne, CEO and founder of Overstock.com: "The IoT and blockchain intersection is very promising. For organizations that own sensors, the ability to use an unchanged ledger to store data ensures its integrity, and provides a clear direction to make money from data. The value of the IoT sensor market is more than $ 600 billion a year, and is expected to double in the next three years, simply to use the sensor owner's own data! The growth and potential of a market for third-party coveted data is astounding.

I believe that online retailers such as Overstock.com have made access to online physical goods, DataBroker DAO will make data sensing. "

Like many other partners associated with DAO such as YUKTIX and SENTHUS, DESIDEDATUM, IQUADRAT, SKYLARK and TECHNILOG.

The long-term vision of DataBroker - the DAO is where all is aiming, and they are moving fast, going so far, be one of them stepping closer to catching up. ever.

The project with a team of experienced and well-informed information also expresses the belief, determination and integrity of DataBroker to all investors who have faith in them.

More Infomation:

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