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Mar 14, 2018

“Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sizes and connect them with their customers by virtue of BIT tokens”. That’s the motto of BitReward.

Every year, millions of retailers spend more than $20 billions to increase the loyalty of their customers.That is to remain competitive with other competitors in today's harsh market. So, BitReward came out as a product with blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that allows retailers to reward their
customers' purchases, friends' invited and other configurable actions with crypto-currency. This program helps increase the sales of retailers by dozens of percents. From $200 a month, retailers will only have to buy BIT on the open market to reward their users so thousands of retailers will want to connect to this platform. It allows online stores to participate in the BitReward Network to reward BIT for customers’ purchasing, recommend to their friends to purchase, likes and shares in social networks,... The surplus BIT will be linked to electronic wallets online at banks so that customers can use it to spend the same as using Visa or Mastercard.​

Today, customers expect more from brands and often compare prices. Customer loyalty is measured in repeat purchases and referrals, which are the key to promote profitability for online businesses. Researches indicate that attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining the old one. Lots of data also show that loyal customers stay longer, buy more often, spend less to process, help with price competition, let friends know about their experience, and provide valuable feedback.

BitRewards is a B2B2C rewards and loyalty solution built using blockchain and smart contract technology. It brings the great value to all platform members and their customers:

  • Detailers: a high-end blockchain loyalty system with $ 200- $ 2,000 per month for free.
  • Customers: cryptocurrency rewards, which they can turn into real money or exchange into purchases which do not expire and tend to go up in price.

BitRewards Network will provide an open source ecosystem to retailer solution providers, so that they can benefit from creating applications that they provide in the network. The BitRewards network ensures that developers benefit from the creation and use of software, awards and hackathons, as well as compensation from retailers.The most demanding solutions from retailers will earn a monetary reward for developers. Developers and retailers will also be able to vote for the most needed features and start creating new functionality of the platform.
The BitRewards team is probably one of the strongest teams out there in terms of, dealing with blockchain for the retail industry.

The BitRewards blockchain team also boasts one of the strongest developers of mobile software, Andrey Kladov, who in his more than 8 years of experience participated in the creation of several highly complex software products enjoyed by millions of users globally. Andrey is an avid blockchain advocate, who explores all blockchain services and experiments with its feasibility of ecommerce solutions. The core team is also a strength of BitReward with experienced people in many careers and fields.

  • Alex Egorov (CEO) who spent 15 years working in the banking and financial sphere, and finished his banking career as a Vice-president of the National Reserve Bank (Moscow, Russia) in charge of international relations, foreign financial markets and trade finance.
  • Alexander Nevidimov (CTO, Blockchain architecture, Big Data expert): Olympic Programming training for 5 years, winner of the ACMICPC/IOI championships, main developer of one of the top Bitcoin mining pools, CTO of GIFTD for 4 years, Alexander has more than 12-years’ experience in backend development (and 3 years fullstack), leading diverse development teams for more than 6 years.
  • Andrey Kladov (Mobile architecture, blockchain): Mobile mastermind behind dozens of b2b and b2c apps, Andrey boasts impeccable mobile development skills using Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, Objective-C, Swift-Language, Java and Android SDK.
We can see the real potential that BitReward wants to address, you may think that user loyalty is a vague concept ... but its importance and influence are obvious. Many companies around the world now rely on this factor, specifically Apple ... for many years, their products are always very high in the world of smart phones, but the their number 1 is also in the system, the loyalty of users has nurtured the whole group. No doubt, I am sure BitReward will be a golden egg if you invest in time.

Information about …

Website: https://bitrewards.network
Whitepaper: https://bitrewards.network/wp.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bitrewards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitrewards.network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitrewards
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