I will buy anything you own in exchange for Crypto


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Jan 7, 2018
I would like to introduce my website http://junktion.io we buy anything in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Similar to a pawn shop buying your items outright in exchange for cash, we do the same but with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

We will buy anything you own in exchange for BTC, ETH, XLM,XRP, or any coins available on binance or bittrex.

Why did I create this website?

I created this website because I used to invest in lego sets and sealed action figures as well as other items throughout the years. I loved doing this and had a passion for doing so like many others.

This proved to be a decent investment until I learned about crypto. As an investor I saw everything around me was worth something. All I wanted to do was turn everything around me into cryptocurrency, so I created that service myself.

Junktion gives people the opportunity to turn random household items into cryptocurrency.

What do we buy?

We buy just about anything electronic or worth value. We will agree upon a price in a private conversation. This is a post we made about what we buy. We are open to buy anything, businesses, computers, cars, equipment.

We typically buy whole collections. This post should give you an idea of what we buy http://junktion.io/what-we-buy/

If you are thinking about selling something fill out our forum here.

How does buying work?

You start buying filling out our selling forum. Next, You wait for a response. If we are interested in your item and would like to talk to you further about it we will contact you either via phone or email. During our conversation we will agree upon a price for said item(s).

We are currently looking for a plausible escrow solution. Currently it is not company policy to use escrow, however if the seller would like to use escrow we are willing to accommodate.

We are based in the united states, New jersey to be specific.

If you have any comments questions or concerns about the service and how it works please feel free to send me an email info@junktion.io or comment here.

In order for us to buy your item you must fill out the form on the site.