I own Angels, Dragons, and Cosmic Scrolls of Ultimate Power

Interested? Curious? Intrigued enough to click the link? Pissed off that the title was so long or want to chew me out for "clickbait"? Perfect! Save it for the leaderboards, and Welcome to the future of gaming, happening now at https://www.angelbattles.com/ :D

If you don't know about Ethereum gaming and how it all works, feel free to ask me any questions as I've become slightly more knowledgeable over the past month than a 5 year old kid. In my defense, 5-year-olds don't have to delete the way they have been thinking for 30 years to wrap their heads around new concepts, especially in regards to finance/commerce let alone gaming and your stake in the assets of the game you play.

In all seriousness, though, do yourself a favor and come join the fight at AngelBattles.com. They have breeding. They have trading. They have battle, they have training. It's cheap to get in, and you are actually doing something meaningful with each small transaction.

VERY SOON, Sponsored Battles will be launched; essentially, this will allow players who have invested time and ETH into their team to earn ETH by competing in leaderboards that are sponsored/funded by anyone, be it an individual or a "competing" dapp/game, or bigtime company. There can be rules set for each specific leaderboards, so every pet/angel can stand a fighting chance somewhere. It's gonna be huge.

The developers behind AngelBattles.com deserve a shout-out as well. They are one of the hardest working groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. They are very active in the AngelBattles Discord Chat (https://discord.gg/8p9Y479 ~we already have a great community growing) and you can tell that they really care about this game. This is a passion project, and it shows with how quick they are updating and adding features such as breeding and the marketplace...and soon, Sponsored Leaderboards. Yeah, I'm excited for those if you haven't noticed.

In fact, I'm pretty damn excited about the future of AngelBattles, and really think people will love it if they just check out all of the features already packed into this beautiful little dapp.

Come join the fight at www.AngelBattles.com and join the discussion here or at https://discord.gg/8p9Y479 ! Already a healthy amount of smack talk starting. Get your Angels on the cheap while you can, and I'll see you on the battlegrounds :cool:(y):unicorn: < oh yeah and there's unicorns. And pegasus...and sabertooth tigers...yeah. :)

TLDR: www.angelbattles.com is awesome, and if you're at all curious you should ask questions here or join us at https://discord.gg/8p9Y479. You coulda read that post btw, it really wasn't THAT long. ;)


Dec 17, 2017
Your post title was very interesting. I thought you were a guy who had watched game of thrones a little too much. I will visit the link and see how it goes. But i must ask, why are you dealing with only Ethereum? There are other currencies as well.
Well you're not wrong...I probably have watched a bit too much GoT! Thanks for the read and reply though.

To answer your question, I personally do not deal in only ethereum...I keep a fairly diverse portfolio. Angelbattles is just run on the Ethereum network.

Be sure to come check out the Discord channel if you have any questions!