I just took a loan of $15,000 and invested it all in Bitcoin.


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Jul 31, 2019
Hello fellow Bitcoiners. Today I borrowed $15,000 and invested it all in Bitcoin.

I know it is crazy but I'm going for it. I believe that Bitcoin may have recently bottomed out and could hit $20,000-$30,000 by the end of the year. I plan to hold for until Bitcoin reaches $30,000
to double my investment.

Do you think I made the right choice?


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Oct 1, 2019
Well, the fact that you took a loan for it, worries me a bit. But yeah if we see the other side, that you wanna hold it till it becomes $30,000 that seems interesting to me.
Also, how are you doing currently?

Harold Vernaldo

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Feb 29, 2020
My signals tell me that it won't reach that amount this year at all but ofcourse as our fellow Crypto currency users said you can not be sure 100% at all. So I'd say that you can double your profit if you invest your BTC the right way even if it does not hit that 30k but just keeping it and doing nothing about is quite risky


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Sep 1, 2020
Hey, I try not to mess with cryptocurrency at least not anytime soon, in my opinion they are still too unstable as for loans I trust more classical offices and to tell the truth I try as rare as possible to use their help. But sometimes you have to It's nothing you can do with it. in this case I try to appeal to younger companies for example recently I used services of the company maybeloan, which offers the payday loans in MS, and quite aptly. But in our reality it is difficult to find something wonderful, it takes a long time to search and often many make mistakes.


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Oct 16, 2020
In general, I would say that this is a one-off scheme that will work if you are lucky or very well versed in the topic. I do not advise everyone to do this, it is so risky. It is not better than if you are in the casino when you go all-in. But if among the casinos there is at least fairspin where you cannot hide the truth from customers because this is a casino on the blockchain, but in your case, one unstable day and bitcoin will go down at a mad speed. Do not think that since Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, it is a stable currency.


Jun 11, 2021
Generally best not to invest in cryptocurrency with money that you can not afford to lose. You can get lucky and it can work, but it can also turn the other way around and wreck you. Best investment strategy with bitcoin is to dollar cost average (buying a set amount periodically) with money that you won't need in order to live... you don't want to end up in a situation where you have to sell your precious bitcoin when prices are down in order to pay your bills.


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Aug 25, 2022
I hope you managed to withdraw your money in time, as bitcoin is worth less than 20 thousand dollars today. I advise you not to take money on credit to buy cryptocurrency anymore, as cryptocurrencies are very unstable, and your investment can end in a crash. I take loans rarely as I don't like being in debt. But sometimes it is the best option. This summer, I was renovating my house, and I didn't have enough money to complete the renovations. I turned to Ferratum to get the necessary money to complete the repairs. I got the money quickly and on favorable terms.