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Apr 17, 2017

::: HYDRA DC :::

What is Hydra DC?
Hydra DC is a modular Tier 3 data center project with decentralized management, which combines blockchain technologies with Virtual Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation, telehousing, server and mining colocation services.

Hydra DC Features

1. Everyone can participate
Participation in the Hydra DC project will be realized through Crowdsale and the purchase of Hydra tokens.

2. Decentralized management
Hydra will not have a single decision center. All administrative decisions within the company will be taken in a decentralized manner within the framework of voting of the owners of the tokens.

3. A.I. Decision-making Control
Each administrative solution for the development and management of Hydra DC will be analyzed with the help of IBM Watson, which will make conclusions about the feasibility of administrative proposals.

4. Dividends for token owners
Hydra tokens owners will receive dividends from the company's profits.

5.Open Corporatization
The Hydra tokens will be converted into shares of the company over time. Each token owner will become a rightful shareholder of the data center.

Hydra DC Crowdsale. Blockchain technology in reality

In order to implement the basic principles of the project and build a data center, the Hydra team conducts Crowdsale of tokens.
Crowdsale participants who bought tokens will equally take part with the management of Hydra DC in managing of the data center, eligible to receive dividends. In the future, owners of Hydra (HDT) tokens will become direct shareholders of the managing company Hydra DC.
The investments, received during Crowdsale, will allow to begin construction of the data center. Investments will go to tangible assets and liabilities: buildings, servers, telecommunications infrastructure, power generators and much more. By investing in Hydra tokens, you become a shareholder of the data center. More details can be found in the whitepaper.

Presale phase

The Presale stage is designed to raise funds for the initial preparation of the project: project studies to prepare options for data center locations, legal design of the structure, development of management systems on smart contracts, financing of the Presale marketing campaign. The Presale smart contract will be executed separately from the Crowdsale contract - all presale tokens will subsequently be transferred to the main smart contract.

At the Presale stage, the overall goal of the collection is 10.000 ETH, within which a + 100% Early Bird bonus will be applied. Accordingly, the maximum HDT emission at the Presale stage is 100,000 HDT.

::: The Dawn of a New Era for Data Centers :::​

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