Hung transactions with no confirmations


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Jun 16, 2016
Problem started while attempting to purchase a S9, sent coins to bitman with bitcoin classic running on a mac... 0 confirmations after 10 hours, so did another test and sent some to my coinbase account and still 0 confirmations. I have sent bitcoins many times before and never had this issue... have one else experienced this or know a solution to get my coin out of limbo ?

Thanks in advance


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Aug 22, 2015
I guess by now your txns have either confirmed or BTC value is returned

Your problem stems from Core Dev's deliberate action of allowing the Bitcoin blocks to run at constant full capacity, effectively treating everyone who does not use an uncertain, dynamic minimum fee as spam.
In the short-term your solution is to always move the "confirmation time" slider to at least 75% of the way to the right for "fast" confirms.
The long-term solution is to continue to use Classic or Bitcoin Unlimited or XT software, which you are doing, but this needs a majority of the miners and full node owners to take the same action before it has a beneficial effect and overcomes the core-blockage.
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