Huge list of current airdrops and bounties


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Feb 10, 2018
Here is a huge list of airdrops and bounties currently going on. I'll try my best to keep it curated with others I find and remove expired links. I put the best and easiest ones to sign up for at the top, other than Refereum, which is at the bottom, due to needing telegram as well as the nature of the bounty.

You need an erc20 wallet for most, metamask or something similiar, and a few require telegram in order to register for the airdrop. Other than that, none of these required any posting on social media or so forth(did have to follow a few, but if that isn't your thing just move on to the next one

unfortunately can't past the links directly in to here, as automoderator doesn't like some of them.

I have included links without referrals as well for all that are applicable (which is most), I would be greatly appreciative if you used the referral links, but understand some people don't like that. In which case feel free to use the plain links.